Online courses can be a great option for all kinds of professionals and lend themselves to employee training on a large scale.  For those who need to save money, save time, access learning 24 hours a day, be free to work during prime time, spend more time with the kids, and have world-wide access to learning, online classes are an obvious choice.  Our online courses also allow you to take almost any class you want, because we offer thousands of classes, courses and certificate programs from which you can choose.

Short Courses

Need a quick class in Excel, Photoshop, Speed Spanish, or Customer Service?  These types of online short courses are offered as part of our huge selection of online classes that begin each month and run for 6 weeks.  Most classes cost approximately $95.  All of our courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. Check out the hundreds of online classes.

Full Certificate Programs

These online certificate programs are offered in partnership with Ed2go in the following career categories:

These courses are full programs of study. The coursework is College level and can take up to 500 hours to complete. Financial aid is available for many of the programs for qualified applicants. Check out the hundreds of full certificate programs by going to:

For additional information please contact:

Linda Kurokawa
Director, Community Services & Business Development
P 760.795.6824