Our widely acclaimed Supervisory Academy consists of 10 workshops that may be taken individually or as a series.  We bring this training right to you. However, if you have fewer than 8 employees who wish to complete these classes, we also offer the entire program at MiraCosta College each semester for an affordable cost of only $60 per module, per person. Call us at 760.795.6820 for the next upcoming class series.

Module 1 - Supervisory Overview and Leadership Styles 

What does it takes to be an effective supervisor? This module is appropriate for a newly appointed supervisor or a seasoned veteran. Topics explored in this class include:

Module 2 – Communication and Motivation

Your success as a supervisor depends largely on your ability to be an effective communicator and motivator. Topics in this class include:

Module 3 – Developing Effective Teams 

More than anything else, being a supervisor means learning to work as a team player. Topics covered in this module include:

Module 4 – Dealing with Difficult People & Conflict Resolution

Find out how to deal with employee complaints and difficult employee interactions. Learn how to resolve tough problems that arise in the workplace. Topics covered include:

Module 5 - Human Resource Issues

It is essential for supervisors to have a working knowledge about issues that could lead to legal liability for the organization. This class will focus on prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment and will also cover hiring practices. Topics covered:

Module 6 – Problem Solving 

Successful supervisors know that good decisions are based on good data and, in order to get good data, you need to be a good problem-solver. Topics covered in this class include:

Module 7 – Facilitation Skills

Nowadays supervisors are assuming the roles of coach and facilitator to enable their employees to do their best work. Being a facilitator requires a unique blend of skills. Topics covered in this module include:

Module 8 – Evaluating & Improving Employee Performance 

Understanding performance management and the process of delegation will enable both supervisor and employee to know what job results are expected. This module includes:

Module 9 – Time/Stress Management 

Your success as a manager depends on how well you manage your own time and stress and the time and stress of your employees. This module includes:

Module 10 – Ethics in Leadership

As leaders, we must be able to evaluate our company our colleagues, and most importantly, our own ethical stance in order to create a culture of ethics within our own organization.  In this module, we will examine ethical dilemmas facing leaders, explore the top factors causing leaders to compromise their ethics and identify important ways to become a more ethical leader.

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