Important Information for Parents and Teen Drivers

Over the past 20 years there have been many changes to the requirements for getting a leaner's permit. Schools cut funding to classroom Driver's Education programs and private business and colleges took over offering the classes. In the past few years on-line driver's education was approved because of lack of state funding for these programs. On-line driver’s education has become very popular for obvious reasons to parents and students. However, convenience is not always the best choice especially went it comes to your teen's safety. Please read the below accident statistics taken from the California Highway Patrol and California Driver Handbook.

The following is taken from Allstate Foundation Report on Teen Driving 2005.

MiraCosta offers both classroom and on-line Driver Education, however, we strongly recommend our classroom driver education classes. There is no comparison to the level of interaction and instruction that is offered in our classroom setting. Students who take on-line programs can easily skim through material and finish the class within hours even though the DMV requires 25 hours of instruction. They statistically fail the permit test much more often than students who complete classroom driver education. Our classroom driver education strives to teach your teen the rules of the road and the seriousness of driving. It also includes:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding choosing the right program for your teen.