Student Quotes

My name is Phan Diem Huong Tran. I was born and grew up in Vietnam, so my first language is Vietnamese. , I know of MiraCosta College from my cousins, who are studying here. They recommended for me to come and study while I was confused about my choices, like which school I should attend in the U.S. After I heard of my cousin’s feelings about their school, I went on the website of the MiraCosta. Then, on the website I discovered a nice campus and a lot of benefits to study here. Especially, there are more than fifty academic major, and it prepares the first two-year for students transfer to a university. One of the most major is accounting; eventually, I would like to attend two years of school in the U.S.

Before I came to the U.S, my English was not really good enough; also, I wanted to have a better English skill; Therefore, I decided to apply for ELI classes. In my case, it is very appropriate for non-native students to have strong basis before we continue to study academic class. During the time I am studying English at MiraCosta, I realize that my English has evolved in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and I have learned about American cultures.  Moreover, the teachers are very kind and friendly; they appreciate to talk to students and are willing to help them.  Sometimes, I didn’t speak like native people, Debbie corrected and explained for me, or when I had mistakes in writing essays, Sou and Zakia helped me to correct grammar. Likewise, I had practiced listening a lot in Deborah class, and I had great conversations about American cultures with Kristin class. Furthermore, they were always happy to accept all of questions from students, and then they answered anything about my education goals. This ELI program helped me so much.  

Now, I would like to apply for the accounting program in order to continue my goals in the U.S. I choose MiraCosta College because it is a school, which shows high learning qualities, and the professors always care about students’ success that I heard from my cousins. Besides, the college has strong academics, the teachers have large knowledge and many experiences, and interest in teaching. In addition, MiraCosta offers a low tuition compared to other schools in region, and easily gets in. Especially, accounting is one of the most popular majors at MiraCosta. I believe it should help my studying in the future.

My full name’s Chau Duc Hoa. I am from Vietnam. I have been studying in the ELI classes for 4 months, my English skills have improved every day. This is the first time I have studied with international students. I could make friends with other people who came from over the world. At first time, we still have a little bit shy so we didn’t communicate, but in the first day, we had a mini game and everyone had known other people’s name. We studied hard together. In Zakia class, we couldn’t forget how much homework she gave to us, and how fun she made for us to keep our attention on lesson. She spent a lot of time on individual people, because she wanted to talk with everyone and help everyone improve their English. Zakia taught us about vocabulary and reading, Debbie taught us about American speech. They sometimes hung out with my class, and help my class to acquire the English languages rules very much. We hung out many times together, for example, Carlsbad Lagoon, Frisbee, Whale Watching, California Mission, and last week is gone to Boomers. I have many memories from my classes and my teachers. We were happy and so excited whenever they said we have a trip to somewhere every Friday. Every times we hung out together; my teachers still do not forgot to teach us whenever they have a chance. They taught me and my friends a lot of things about American Culture and especially we could talk with American people to improve our English skills. Beside Zakia and Debbie are my other teachers: Sou, Kristin, and Deborah. These are 3 special teachers, they taught my class about pronunciation, writing, American culture, and taught us some experiences when we studied in United States. Even though, sometimes they gave us a lot of homework, but I knew they just want we will pass the final test. They did anything to teach us, they wanted to convey their experience to us, and helped us how to learn good English. ELI class was the first class I took in United States.

Catherine Dantas

Bernardo Dantas

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Live in San Diego, California

My husband and I decided to study in the United States for different reasons. He wanted to prepare for the international market, and I wanted to learn English. Miracosta College was our first choice, first because we are from Rio de Janeiro. We love the beach, so we already knew that we wanted to study in San Diego. The weather here is great, there is sunshine almost every day it is difficult to rain in this place and there is summer, nothing as hot as Rio de Janeiro of course, but that ideal temperature for you to enjoy the beach. We were on vacation here in the United States and taking the opportunity to get to know the colleges and choose where to study. When we arrived at MiraCosta we loved the campus and were super well attended by staff from the ELI Program and the International Office, this made all the difference to our choice apart from the great references we already had. The MiraCosta is cited as one of the best colleges in California in several colleges ranking. At MiraCosta we have a huge choice of courses in all areas. With so many options, for sure, we've found one course of our interest and purpose. I confess that I came to the United States to study with a certain cold in the belly, but I needed to learn English and certainly have no better way of learning a language than studying with native speakers of that language. Well, I arrived here in San Diego in January 2017 and I started the ELI program at MiraCosta College. I did not speak almost any English, with 6 months of course, intense study, and learning with great teachers, I was able to pass the TOEFL and today I do the credits class at MiraCosta College. At college we continue to do English second language and this makes our English improve even more. I think that when you graduate from an American college this makes all the difference for those who want to work in the international market, as is my husband's goal. My husband will graduate this year at the MiraCosta. In January he will start making the OPT, which is an opportunity to work here for one year to improve his resume. Certainly, we made the right decision when we decided to study at MiraCosta College.

Meu marido e eu decidimos estudar nos Estados Unidos por motivos diferentes, ele porque queria se preparar para o mercado internacional eu porque queria aprender inglês. A MiraCosta College foi a nossa primeira escolha, primeiro porque somos do Rio de Janeiro e adoramos uma praia, então já tínhamos definido que iríamos estudar em San Diego. O Clima aqui é ótimo tem sol quase todos os dias é difícil chover e tem verão , nada tão quente como o Rio de Janeiro claro, mas aquela temperatura ideal para você poder aproveitar a praia. Estávamos de férias aqui nos Estados Unidos e aproveitando para conhecer as faculdades e escolher em qual estudar. Quando chegamos na MiraCosta adoramos o campus e fomos super bem atendido pelo pessoal do ELI Programa e do Escritório Internacional, isso fez toda a diferença para a nossa escolha além das ótimas referências que já tínhamos. A MiraCosta é citada como um dos melhores colleges da Califórnia em diversos ranking de faculdades. Na MiraCosta temos uma gigantesca opções de cursos em todas as áreas. Com tantas opções, com certeza, nós encontramos algo do nosso interesse e objetivo. Eu confesso que vim para os Estados Unidos estudar com um certo frio na barriga, mas eu precisava aprender inglês e com certeza não tem forma melhor de aprender uma língua do que estudando com nativos dessa língua. Bom eu cheguei aqui em San Diego em janeiro de 2017 e comecei o ELI programa na MiraCosta College, eu não falava quase nada de inglês, com 6 meses de curso, de intenso estudo e aprendendo com ótimos professores, eu consegui passar no TOEFL e hoje faço as credits class na MiraCosta College. No college nós continuamos fazendo inglês segunda língua e isso faz com o nosso inglês melhore ainda mais. Acho que quando vc faz uma graduação em uma faculdade americana isso faz toda a diferença pra quem quer trabalhar no mercado internacional, como é o objetivo do meu marido. Meu marido já se forma final desse ano na Miracosta. Em janeiro ele já vai começar fazer o OPT que é uma oportunidade de trabalhar aqui durante um ano pra poder melhorar ainda mais o seu currículo. Com toda certeza, tomamos a decisão certa vindo estudar na MiraCosta College.

A letter to a current ELI instructor from a former ELI student:


How was your weekend?

For me it was so great because i started to teach English!

A Korean who lived in America more than 5 years asked me to teach English!

He could speak survival English but he wanted to communicate more deeply other Americans.

Isn't it amazing? I stayed in America only 2 months and started teaching it.

I taught English when I was in Korea as I told you before.

But this means totally different because here is America.

Anyway, I taught him pronunciation today.

exactly same lecture you gave me.

I became mama Jinny and taught about vowel and showed how the class will go.

5 steps: Vowel-pronunciation problems-music-swallow-link!

After the class, he recognized the improvement of his pronunciation,

and he hugged me for giving wonderful tutoring.

I am so thankful that I can learn such wonderful things about English from you.

Always I love to learn English with mama Debbie's style.

I think I am so lucky to have you as my English teacher!

I Love you:)

Have a nice day!