Student Gallery

DESN 100 Fundamentals of Design

DESN 101 AutoCAD Computer-Aided Drafting

DESN 102 Architectural Drafting

DESN 103 Architectural Communications

DESN 105 Construction Materials

DESN 107 Architectural History

DESN 110 Graphics Communication

DESN 111 Engineering Design Graphics

DESN 120 Manufacturing Processes

DESN 200 Architectural Design I

DESN 201 AutoCAD Computer-Aided Drafting II

Andrew Ha - AutoCAD RenderingChris Boehm - AutoCAD Rendering

Michele Becerra - AutoCAD RenderingObdy Barrera - AutoCAD Rendering

DESN 203 SolidWorks 3D Solid Modeling I

Sarah Curtis - SolidWorks AssemblyHeung Choi - SolidWorks Assembly

DESN 204 3D Modeling and Prototyping

UkuleleSea Land

TaillightMulti Shaker

DESN 207 Revit Building Information Modeling

DESN 290 Portfolio and Presentation