Getting Started with Online Courses

This checklist provides the steps necessary to get started in an online course. Once you are able to check off all items in this list, then you are ready to go...

Get Ready

Find out if online courses are for you.
Test your potential as an online student.

Get Set

Get admitted to MiraCosta College.
Select your course(s) from the course schedule. (Write down the Class Numbers for SURF)
Check to see that you meet the technical requirements for your selected course(s).
SURF: Enroll in your course(s). (see instructions & demos)
SURF: Submit your preferred email address via SURF.
Purchase your books and materials.


Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to get started in your course. You may contact your instructor directly via email for instructions on course access and getting started in your course(s). You may find instructor information on the course schedule page or in the campus directory.