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Basic Medical Terminology

This course covers the origin, correct spelling, pronunciation, meaning, and correct usage of common medical terms and their application to clinical records and reports. It emphasizes the roots, prefixes, suffixes, medical abbreviations, symbols, and terms commonly used in medical records.

Subject: NURS
Course Number: 155
Section Number: 1831
Units: 3
Instructor: Burke, Darlene

Instructor information about this course

Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
LMS link:
Course start page:
Course email:
Office hours: By appointment
Instructor notes:

Hello! This Medical Terminology Course (section # 1831) has some UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS. So, please read this message in its entirety.


This course will be taught online via BlackBoard and Pearson’s MyMedTermLab (MyLab) and be supplemented with the use of the Fremgen & Frucht textbook (as either a paperback or eText). There will be weekly quizzes and learning games which must be completed sometime between Sunday and Saturday of each week with NO MAKE-UPS. *****A 100-question examination on Chapters 2-7 will be administered synchronously online on March 14, 2018 (at two optional times - 9:00-10:55 am or 8:00-9:55 pm).  A second 100-question examination on Chapters 8-13 will be administered synchronously online on May 16, 2018 (at two optional times – 10:00-11:40 am or 8:00-9:40 pm).  No student will be allowed to schedule a “make-up” for Exam #1 or Exam #2 unless the reason for missing the exam is a catastrophic life event.


In addition to the quizzes, exams, and learning games, you will be required to complete a TWO videos about an assigned medical condition.


Required Items


Fremgen, B.R., & Frucht, S. S. (2016).  Medical Terminology:  A Living Language, 6th ed, Prentice Hall:  Upper Saddle River, NJ ***You must purchase the 6th edition as either a paperback or as an eText.***




Pearson’s MyMedicalTerminologyLab (My Lab), which includes lectures and learning games. ******You must access MyLab (either with an access code or upon registering with Pearson) THROUGH BLACKBOARD so that MyLab and BlackBoard are synchronized.


Here are some purchasing options for the course textbook and MyLab:


1. MiraCosta Bookstore:

ISBN 9780134073521 (Paperback & My Lab Access Code with eText) is $150.30

ISBN 9780134073163 (MyLab Access Code with eText) is $110.30


2. Upon registering with Pearson THROUGH THE MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY COURSE IN BLACKBOARD (which will become available on  January 15th), you can:

a. Purchase MyLab with eText for $89.10


b. Trial MyLab with eText at no cost for 14-days. If you decide to remain in the MCC Medical Terminology Course, you can then purchase MyLab with eText for $89.10



Other Required items: 






 does not work try the other


At least one working computer (PC or Mac) with internet access (the majority of MyLab is NOT supported by an iPad/Tablet)


YouTube of Vimeo account

 A device with which you can create a video


Required skills:         

Basic Computer Skills

            Ability to navigate the internet

            Microsoft office with PowerPoint

Ability to work with Blackboard: LMS link:

 (A Blackboard tutorial may be found at

Ability to create a video.


As an on-line learner, you must be extremely self-motivated and independent. If you were taking this class on campus, you would be spending 3 hours per week in class and then additional hours for each hour studying on your own.  For this online class, please expect to spend at least 9 hours per week in order to successfully complete the course.


Please e-mail me at if you have a questions. My best, Darlene  

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