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College and Career Success

This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning while integrating career and academic planning. Students learn self-management strategies such as time, money, and stress. They complete career assessments to explore interests, personality, learning style, transferable skills, and values as they relate to academic major and career options. Students are provided tools and resources to enhance their educational and career success. The course emphasizes taking responsibility for one's education, career, and personal decisions to set goals and achieve satisfaction through work and life balance. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for COUN 100, COUN 105, COUN 110, CRLP 100, or INTR 100.

Subject: COUN
Course Number: 100
Section Number: 2376
Units: 3
Instructor: Lee, Margie

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Canvas
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Instructor notes:
New students to online learning please consider attending one of the Student Orientation to Online Learning for Canvas Workshops offered through the Tutoring & Academic Support Center (TASC). 

This is a late start class which begins on 9/4/18.  
The instructor will open the course in Canvas a few days prior to the start date of the course so students can familiarize themselves with the course structure.  Please check your email a few days before the first date of the course, or at the very latest on the first day of class.  If you do not receive an email about the class, please check your spam folder or check the "Announcements" section of the course site in Canvas so you can get important information about how to get started in the class.  Textbook information for this class is available at the MiraCosta College bookstore website but please be aware that you will access the ebook ONLY from within the Canvas course.  Instructions for accessing the ebook will be available within the course and information will be emailed to enrolled students PRIOR to first day of class.  Please be aware this class requires a significant amount of writing.

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