English Course Sequence

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Learning Options

Highly Supported English 52 (HSE)

Highly Supported English 52 (HSE) is a two unit course taught by the same English 100 instructor, providing additional instruction in an intensive workshop setting.

HSE offers you more opportunities to receive one-on-one instructor interaction and more attention to peer review and collaborative learning.

HSE inspires you to take responsibility for your learning, supports assignments in English 100, and improves organization and time management skills.

All students who have not completed English 50 can choose to enroll in HSE.

English 100 to Support Students from Multi-Lingual Backgrounds

These sections of English100 are specially designed to provide reading and writing support for students from multilingual/ESL backgrounds.

Online & Hybrid English Composition

Some sections of composition courses are offered online or through a combination of classroom and online instruction (hybrid).

Learning Communities

When you join a learning community, you take two classes that are linked together with the same students. You take your English course with another content course to fulfill your education plan. The benefits of a learning community are that your two instructors overlap the lessons and assignments, so you get reinforcement of the skills and concepts for both classes. LC students say that this creates a more meaningful, successful learning experience. Also, in an LC you get to build supportive relationships with your peers and instructors as we all work together over the semester.

ESL Support Courses

The American College English (ACE) and Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Department offers a number of specialty courses to support your advanced English skill development.