FALL 2017 Learning Communities

"Exito in Math"
Math 64 + Counseling 100
Exito = Success.  Join a learning community where math skills are not just learned, but are also applied through real-life projects that make math fun and meaningful. Exito in Math is a supportive learning community that gives you a powerful opportunity to increase your skills and confidence in math, college and beyond. You + Exito = Math Success.

"Mana I: Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC)*"
Counseling 100 + English 100/52
What does it mean to be a Pacific Islander / Polynesian college student? Are we all football players? Do we all wear grass skirts and wear leis? The Mana learning community breaks these stereotypes to powerfully state that “We are here.” To that end, Mana serves students of Polynesian and Pacific Islander heritage by placing their identities, cultures, and communities at the center of the curriculum. This learning community will focus on shared themes at the core of Mana--family, culture, identity, and community service.
*This learning community is part of the Mana program.

"Power Moves: Speaking and Writing for the Real World"
Communication 101 + English 100

Why are we learning this? When am I ever going to use this stuff? How does this even relate to the real world?  In this learning community, you’ll learn practical and transferable skills to use outside of class regardless of your major.  From fighting parking tickets to expressing yourself memorably, these linked sections will give you the tools you need for the realities of life.