SPRING 2018 Learning Communities - OCN Campus


Turn the Story Upside Down for a Revolutionary Tomorrow
SOC 101 + ENGL 100

SOC 101
Class Number- #1590
Days/Times- TTH 7:30-8:45
Instructor- Alicia Lopez

ENGL 100
Class Number- #1031
Days/Times-TTH 11:00-12:50
Instructor-Zulema Diaz

How do we get the courage to speak our stories to re-imagine our futures? How do we become intellectural revolutionaries-for ourselves and our communities? Join this learning community to experience how a "socialogical imagination" can empower your mind and spirit to create new visions for society. Through reading, writing, and critical thinking about the experiences of people of color, we will learn how to unlock the past to emancipate the future.


Mana II: Changing Tides
ENGL 201 + SOC 101

ENGL 201
Class Number- #1074
Days/Times- TTH 1:30-3:20
Instructor- Jade Hidle

SOC 101
Class Number- #1597
Days/Times- MW 1:30-2:45
Instructor- Sean Davis

Fed up with people speaking for you? Of being misrepresented, it at all? For native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, this has meant being reduced to grass skirts, spam musubi, and football. But the tides are changing. NHPIs are increasingly representing their own identities in literature, including film, tv, spoken word poetry, and hip-hop music. When equipped with the concepts of gender, race and class from Sociology 101, you will be able to critically analyze texts created by NHPI artists and writers in English 201. Join Mana II to explore the changing tides of being a Pacific Islander.

Hands on keyboard

Composition, Coding, and Cyborgs: C^3
ENGL 100 + CS 11

ENGL 100
Class Number- 1023
Days/Times- MW 9:00-10:50
Instructor- curry mitchell

CS 111
Class Number- 2103
Days/Times- MW 11:00-12:50 + online
Instructor- Nery Chapeton-Lamas

Cyborgs are coming. The news we watch, the ads we see, the games we play - more often that not - are delivered to us by algorithms executed by machines. Wanna know how to analyze such news, scrutinize such ads, and play such games? Wanna learn the skills needed to develop the algorithms, program the machines, and access the jobs that shape cyber realities? Then join CS 111 and ENGL 100, two linked courses focused on how to write, how to think, and how to choose the right tools and strategies needed to defend against the onslaught and preserve your humanity.
The cyborgs are here. Are you prepare?


I Want Your Brains: Writing Persuasively and Watching Thoughtfully
ENGL 100 + FILM 101

ENGL 100
Class Number- 2447
Days/Times- MW 9:00-10:50
Instructor- Jose Jara

FILM 101
Class Number- 1311
Days/Times- M 12:00-3:00
Instructor- Billy Gunn

Zombies want to eat your brains, bad guys want to enslave you, and aliens want to destroy you, but do not fear - we are here to stop them! In this learning community, we will devour classic and modern films, ride the trail of critical film analysis, and crack the code of writing well. Do you accept the mission? The countdown begins...