Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a learning community?

A learning community is two classes linked together with the same students enrolled in both classes.  Each class is taught separately, but the instructors have carefully and thoughtfully designed their classes to fit well together.  Instructors will often share themes, readings, and/or projects that reinforce and enhance your experience in each course.

Why should I take classes in a learning community?

When you enroll in a learning community you will make stronger connections with what you are studying, and you will make stronger connections with your classmates and your instructors.  You will also have extra attention and support to help you with your personal and academic achievements.  Stronger connections = higher chance of success in the classes.

Since learning communities are linked classes, do I get the same grade in each class?

No, you will earn a separate grade for each class. 

How do I enroll in a learning community?

Enroll in one of the classes in the learning community and SURF will prompt you to enroll in the other class.  SURF will require you to enroll in both classes to secure your seat in each class.

Can I drop one class in a learning community but keep the other one?

No, we want you to commit to both classes!  We want to enhance your learning experience and maximize your success!  If you drop one class, you will be automatically dropped from the other class.

Do I need a permission code to enroll in a learning community?

No, not usually.  The only learning communities that require permission codes to enroll are Puente and First Year Experience.

If a learning community is full, how can I get on the waitlist?

Contact either of the instructors by email or phone to get on the waitlist.