Meet the Team

The Bridge to Success in Math 64 Program is brought to you by funding through the Student Success Committee. MiraCosta College Math Faculty Member Leila Safaralian is the Coordinator and Instructor of the Bridge to Success in Math 64 Program..

Leila Safaralian

Contact Leila Safaralian at 760-757-2121 ext. 6304 or

Bridge to Success in Math 64 Program Instructors:


I love being a part of the BTSM Program because I get to spend a week with students who are very motivated while I help them take one more step toward achieving their educational goal. ~ Beth


I attended MiraCosta after high school and enjoyed the time spent tutoring others, playing soccer for the school team, and learning from some great instructors. I discovered a passion for mathematics and education that took me through UCSD and also led me to work in the Math Learning Center. When not working in the Math Learning Center, I assist in the Bridge to Success in Math Program (BTSM). I'm happy to work in BTSM because I believe in the program's goal to help students move beyond pre-transfer level math courses. If we can help students advance in their academic goals, while also helping them to become more open to math and more confident in their skills, then I think it's a worthwhile program. ~Bertha


While I spend most of my days assisting students in the Math Learning Center, I look to help more students in a larger venue. The Bridge to Success in Math Program allows me the opportunity to share my passion for numbers in a classroom setting. This program is a delightfully intense study of algebra. I enjoy participating in the rediscovery of math, the resurgence of self confidence, and the awakening of the dormant mathematician in MiraCostan students. ~Ian

I like to be a part of the Bridge to Success in Math program because I enjoy seeing the excitement on students' faces when they actually understand Math. I am very grateful to be part of the program because I know I am making a difference in someone’s life. ~Thy

Bridge to Success in Math 64 Program Instructional Aides and Support:


I have been a part of the BTSM program since the summer of 2015, starting first as an classroom aide and then moving into the role of teaching the class. I am amazed at the transformation the students undergo in just seven days of intensive instruction. It is so much more than just learning a bunch of math; the students have a renewed spirit and are more open to math. Some even say the like math now! When the students come in to the class with an open mind and an optimistic attitude, so much can get accomplished. I am so proud to help these students reach their goals, and assist them in moving a significant step closer to their academic milestones. ~Marlesha


I enjoy being a part of the Bridge to Success in Math Program because it is a short, intense program that answers a need of students to pass a selected placement test. Maybe more importantly, the concentrated effort required of the participants allows many of them the opportunity to experience a deserved, positive feeling of success and satisfaction. Besides the basic structure and results of the program, I enjoy working with instructors and aides who are all enthusiastically working toward this same goal of successfully helping our students. Thank you to Leila for a superb program, and to you and all the counseling/testing staff who work to make this program the success it is! ~Carmella


It is so rewarding to see BTSM students focusing on improving their math skillsduring one week of intensive study. This program is very effective at not onlyhelping placetheminto higher level math classes, but also helps them to develop self confidence. Students and instructors have all workedvery hard to make the BTSM Program successful. Wow, what a great team we have at MiraCosta College! ~Momo

The reason that I enjoy working as a Bridge to Math Success aide is because of the students, their hard work and success at the end of the program truly inspire me. ~Margaret


As a Student Services Specialist in the Testing Department here at MiraCosta College, one of my favorite parts of my job is working with the Bridge to Success in Math Program. It is incredibly inspiring to observe Bridge students consistently putting in the effort and commitment to be successful in this program. The Bridge to Success in Math Program is more than a week-long math enrichment and review—it creates a community of dedicated students who gain not only math and study skills but confidence in their academic success as well. I am very honored to be a part of this awesome program. ~Sinclaire (You can also contact Sinclaire Tirona at 760-757-2121 ext. 6291 or