Open Multimedia / Content Sources

This page provides links to a variety of other sources of OER content and open multimedia such as photos, music, etc.

Open Educational Resources and Content

Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources listserv

  1. You can search the listserv’s archives by topics/keywords which can be very useful in finding resources others have already discussed
  2. You may subscribe to this listserv to ask for assistance in locating resources; it is very helpful but also very active - you may be a bit overwhelmed if you subscribe
  3. If you search the archive unsuccessfully and would like to ask for assistance from the list but are hesitant to subscribe, contact Jim Julius and he can ask on your behalf

Creative Commons search

  1. Search for openly licensed multimedia (video, sound, images) across multiple resource sites


  1. Includes free books, music, audio readings, lectures, movies, museum resources, language learning resources, and more.

Project Gutenberg

  1. Extensive catalog of free (public domain) books and audio books


  1. Long-running CSU project indexing an extensive collection of peer-reviewed open educational resources. Can search for relevant materials by textbook ISBN.


  1. Free educational videos

Sites with Open Multimedia (photos, graphics, audio)

Openly licensed high-quality photos

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. PicJumbo
  4. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  5. Wikimedia Commons

Free graphics, shapes, textures, etc.

  1. Slides Carnival PowerPoint templates
  2. Open Clipart
  3. The Noun Project (“Icons for Everything”)
  4. MediaMilitia - backgrounds, fonts, images, and other interesting graphics

Openly licensed music

  1. SoundCloud
  2. ccMixter
  3. Free Music Archive

Tip for using Google to discover openly-licensed resources:

  1. In the lower right of the search page, click Settings
  2. Select Advanced Search
  3. In the final drop-down that appears (Usage Rights) select "free to use or share" or "free to use share or modify" to find content, images, etc. that are appropriately licensed.
  4. Note - you can also get to this by first doing a normal Google search, then clicking Settings at right, just under the search bar, then clicking Advanced Search

If you have other recommendations for this page, please send them to Jim Julius.