OER Platforms & Services

If you're looking for tools and services that can help you build a course using open educational resources, rather than starting with a complete OER text or existing OER course, check out the list below. Note that many of these may result in a small cost to students.


  1. Over 20+ customizable textbooks
  2. Can access for free, but for $29.99 per student, students get lifetime access to the text and instructors can track user analytics
  3. Will work with instructors to align chapter content to learning objectives

OER Commons

  1. In addition to full courses OER Commons includes endless individual subject-specific lessons, activities, etc, as well as a tool for creating and sharing your own OER.


  1. Build OER, include curated resources, upload your own resources, integrate with course management system
  2. Has a cost for students


  1. Tool from Lumen Learning that provides low cost personalized learning tools aligned with OER content resources

OpenStax Tutor

  1. Courseware aligned with a limited number of OpenStax’s high quality free texts, for $10 per student


  1. STEM-focused project to continuously develop and refine custom texts and class activities/exercises; use resources developed by others and/or create your own. Site emphasizes students as potential co-creators of course materials.

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