News - 04/18/2013

MiraCosta College's Student Success Scorecard


Last week, the Chancellor’s Office of California Community Colleges released a Student Success Scorecard for the state’s community colleges. This scorecard represents an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability of student progress and is designed to help more students achieve their educational goals on time. The scorecard is one of a series of steps taken by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to increase the number of students who earn certificates and degrees or transfer to four-year institutions. It makes clear how important preparation for college is to student success, showing that if students come to college prepared for college-level work, they can complete certificates and degrees and/or transfer at rates exceeding 70 percent. However, if students are in need of remediation their success rate drops below 50 percent.
The data contained in this scorecard include statistics in remedial instruction, job-training programs, retention of students, and graduation and completion rates by gender, age, and ethnicity. The scorecard is not intended to rank colleges, but rather to provide benchmark data that will focus attention on sustained institutional improvement over time. It also provides individual colleges with a baseline against which they can measure their own progress from this point forward. It is in this responsive and responsible way that MiraCosta College will use the information contained in the scorecard.
To view MiraCosta College’s Student Success Scorecard, visit this website. It can also be accessed from the MiraCosta College website either through the A-Z index (look under Student Success Scorecard), or through the Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Grants website, under “statistics.”
California Community College Chancellor Brice Harris talks about the scorecard and its intent in an informative video blog that can be viewed from your computer.
At MiraCosta College, student success is job one. Each member of this college community is part of the student success equation, and we welcome and invite your voice and contributions.
Thank you for your continued support of students and our college. 

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