2013/14 Board of Trustees Goals

Goal One

Engage a facilitator to help the Board of Trustees define its role in developing a comprehensive plan to promote student success. Implement recommendations as appropriate. (Due December 2013)

Goal Two

Define a strategy for funding the district’s infrastructure and building needs, explore the various funding options for modernization of existing infrastructure, address deferred maintenance and financing of new construction. (Due no later than March 2014)

Goal Three

Make contact with the governing boards of all three major high school districts within the service area of the MiraCosta Community College District (San Dieguito Union High School District, Carlsbad Unified School District, Oceanside Unified School District). Identify areas of common interest and possible opportunities for collaboration (including the possible shared use of educational facilities) and act accordingly. (Due June 2014)

Ensure the district develops a plan, involving members of the Board of Trustees, to increase public awareness of the services provided at the district’s San Elijo Campus and enhance the district’s visibility in the southern half of the district, with a goal of increasing student enrollment and community utilization of the district’s educational programs. Trustees to participate as appropriate. (Due March 2014)

Goal Four

Develop a concise “information dashboard”of key district indicators (i.e. FTE credit enrollment, noncredit enrollment, wait lists, revenues, expenditures, budget reserve levels, student success/completion rates, number of full-time and part-time personnel employed, fifty-percent law compliance, etc.) that allows the Board of Trustees to conduct oversight of the district and measure the district’s performance and year-to-year progress. (Due June 2014)

Goal Five

With public input, complete the redistricting and rebalancing of trustee areas by adopting a new map for trustee-area boundaries in a manner that complies with both the federal and California voting-rights acts and doing so in time for the November 2014 election.

Goal Six

In collaboration with the district’s administration, develop a ten-year plan to fund the retiree health benefit trust to substantially reduce the district’s unfunded actuarial accrued liability, with a goal of covering eighty percent of accrued liabilities.

(approved July 9, 2013)