Inst. Effectiveness Partnership Initiative

In compliance with the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative and the California Education Code 84754.6 disclosure requirement, the following information is presented:


The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) is a collaborative effort to help advance the institutional effectiveness of California Community Colleges and, in the process, improve student success and academic quality.  Most importantly, IEPI will enhance the entire California Community College System’s ability to effectively serve students.

Review of the Framework and Goals

The Initiative requires the development, adoption, and posting of a goals framework that addresses four broad categories: (1) student performance and outcomes, (2) accreditation status, (3) fiscal viability, (4) programmatic compliance with state and federal guidelines.

At MiraCosta College, the framework and goals presented to the college’s Steering Council for routing within the college’s governance structure.

For more details of how the Initiative has been incorporated into the operations of MiraCosta College, please click here.

IEPI Target Goals - 2017/18

For further information regarding the initiative, please visit the IEPI website.