Arnoldo Williams

Automotive Technology Instructor

When Arnoldo Williams moved to America from Guatemala City, he was in search of job skills that he could use to start a career back in his home country.  He never expected that years later he would be teaching students the very skills he had moved to America to learn.  When Arnoldo first moved to the U.S., he spent several months living with family in Alabama and Washington, D.C.  Soon, Arnoldo headed west to San Diego County and began classes at Palomar College.

In the next four years, Arnoldo learned English and earned four automotive certificates.  “Learning a new language and culture while attending college was at times hard,” explains Arnoldo. 

That challenge did not stop him. After graduating from Palomar, he worked as a mechanic for 17 years.  About six years ago, he was asked to teach evening auto technology courses for English as Second Language students in Vista and at MiraCosta College but continued to work as a mechanic during the day.  Despite a full schedule, Arnoldo became a Master Technician and currently holds eight Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificates, a L1 Advanced Engine Performance Certificate in Gasoline, and seven ASE certificates in medium and heavy duty service.

In August 2005, Arnoldo was hired as a full-time automotive technology instructor at MiraCosta.  He is thrilled with the campus and has a passion for his work.  “I believe you have to have satisfaction in your career,” says Arnoldo.  “When I work on cars I see an end result.  That is satisfying.  As a teacher, I can see students progress and begin to really understand how an engine works.  That is very satisfying.”