Nursing Instructor

As a Navy nurse, Julie Vignato traveled the world, taught military corpsmen nursing skills, and helped hundreds of deployed military personnel and their families.

“As a Navy nurse we did everything from the cradle to the grave.  I saw people at their worst and at their best,” says Vignato.  “I really liked that I was able to help people.  I was able to help both those deployed and their families, which was very rewarding.”

After spending nearly a decade working as a nurse, clinical educator and ultimately a nurse manager for the Navy in different parts of the world, she decided it was time to put down some roots with her husband in San Diego. She began teaching part time in the MiraCosta College Nursing program in 2006 and was soon offered a full-time position. Since her arrival, the MiraCosta Nursing Program has recruited more HM’s into the LVN program through NURS 166: the Corpsman to Vocational Nurse Transition class.

Vignato holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing cum laude from the University of Rochester and an MSN in Nursing Education from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. She is currently working toward a doctorate in nursing at USD, and completed her first year with a perfect 4.0.  

In her free time, Vignato and her husband care for their two horses, a Bullmastiff, a Boxador (part Lab, part Boxer), three fish, and two cats.  “I used to rescue animals when I was stationed in Puerto Rico,” she explains.  Julie enjoys riding horses with her two daughters, Gracie and Sophie.

“I always continue to push myself to new limits.”