News - 04/1/2014

MiraCosta College Campus Police Schedules Active Shooter Training

As part of its Emergency Preparedness Program, the MiraCosta College Campus Police will conduct an active shooter functional exercise at the Community Learning Center on Monday, April 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is simply a routine training consisting of approximately four scenarios. No live weapons will be used during the training. 

The exercise will entail using part of the parking lot and Building A. Buildings B and C will not be involved and classes will be held as usual. Classes not participating will have a note on the door so they will not be interrupted by the exercise. Students and faculty at the CLC will be made aware that there will be necessary noise for short periods of time as the training scenarios play out.

As a precaution, the Oceanside Police Department will be made aware of the event.
Again, there will be no live weapons involved in the training. 

All questions and concerns may be directed to Jim Gonzales at 760.795.6899 or

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