Press - 09/7/2016

MiraCosta College FAQ for ITT Technical Institute Student

MiraCosta College is committed to supporting former students of ITT Technical Institute in light of the recently announced closing. This FAQ sheet contains essential information for former ITT students who are interested in attending MiraCosta College.


The following steps are recommended to students:

1.     Request a discharge of your federal student loans and start your college journey anew.

2.     Transfer your FAFSA application by adding the MiraCosta College school code (001239). To do so, log back into the FAFSA at Further instructions and next steps will be provided by MiraCosta College via email within one to two weeks.


As part of the California Community College system MiraCosta College has an open admissions policy. Applying for admission is free and easy, simply fill out the Online Application.


MiraCosta College’s stated policy on the acceptance of credits from other institutions currently specifies that only credits from other Regionally Accredited institutions will be accepted. ITT Technical Institute does not have a Regional Accreditation status so we normally would be very limited in our ability to use your prior coursework from ITT.  We have recently received clarification from our regional accrediting body the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). In part the Commission states:

·       Institutions need to have clear institutional policies on how academic credit is awarded and on how students can transfer academic credit. Institutions need to be flexible and open in considering alternative approaches to transfer of credit to benefit students.

·       Accredited institutions have the responsibility to provide for effective transfer of credit that minimizes student difficulties in moving between institutions while assuring the high quality of their education. Each institution is responsible for determining its own policies and practices with regard to the transfer and award of credit, including transfer of credits from non-accredited institutions.

·       Receiving institutions must ensure that decisions are based on a fair assessment of the sending institution’s education quality and may include regional, specialized and nation accreditation status of an institution, along with other factors.

Based on this guidance we are able to provide the following options for form ITT Tech students:


The best option for earning credit for what you have learned would be to take advantage of our Credit by Exam procedure. The following courses have been approved as options for earning Credit by Exam:

Automotive Technology

AUTO 102

AUTO 130


Business and Medical Office Technology

BOT 100


Computer Science

CS 111

CS 112

CS 150

CS 220


Computer Studies and Information Technology

CSIT 110

CSIT 171

CSIT 172

CSIT 173

CSIT 174

CSIT 175


HORT 127


International Languages

FREN 101

FREN 102

FREN 201

FREN 202

ITAL 101

ITAL 102

ITAL 201

ITAL 202

ITAL 210

SPAN 101

SPAN 102

SPAN 201

SPAN 202

Medical Administrative Professional

MAP 102


MUS 100

MUS 144

MUS 244




NURS 180

NURS 181

NURS 182

NURS 183






Look through our options for Certificates (short-term certificates usually require 1 – 2 years of study) and Associate Degrees (takes 2 years or more). In some instances Academic Departments can waive certain requirements based on prior learning as long as the learning outcomes for the classes are similar. These requests would be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Department and Counseling.



The Counseling Center offers individualized academic, career, and personal counseling to assist both prospective and current students in developing their educational programs, coordinating their career and academic goals, and understanding graduation, major, certificate, and transfer requirements. Students can use online resources for general questions and visit or call the office for appointments and drop-in times.

The Counseling Center provides 15 minute drop-in counseling services in addition to 45 minute academic appointments. Drop-in counseling does not require an appointment and the available times vary each week. We post the current drop-in counseling schedule on our social media pages, listed below. The schedule may also be accessed through our Counseling Center phone tree at 760-795-6670.

For academic counseling appointments, please call 760-795-6670. Our front office staff is able to help you schedule in-person, phone, or Skype appointments. Please note, you must have your MiraCosta SURF ID to schedule an appointment. Please be advised, all official transcripts from Regionally Accredited colleges should be electronically submitted and may require evaluation prior to scheduling a comprehensive education plan appointment.

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