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B600 and B300 modernizations and are being designed by Architects Mosher Drew. Both projects will be full building modernizations of classrooms and other areas within the building, address required mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology upgrades and required exterior upgrades. The B600 modernization project has an overall project budget of $2.2 million dollars and is currently scheduled to begin construction summer 2018 and be completed by the end of 2018. The B300 modernization project has an overall project budget of $2.0 million dollars and is currently scheduled to begin construction beginning part of 2019 and be completed by fall 2019.   

Read More: Pathways Updates (Cont.)

Learm more about the work in each subgroup.

1.     Academic and Career Pathways (ACP) Implementation Subgroup (Zhenya)

a.     Develop a working model of ACPs on the web/print

b.     Design the entrance path that takes into account each category of student (decided, undecided, sort of decided)

c.     Recommend important information/links that need to be available on each ACP page

career exploration resources

counseling and transfer resources

2.     Assessment and ACP Exploration Subgroup (Donna/Wendy)

a.     Recommend an initial self-assessment for exploring an ACP of interest

b.     Develop mapping of ACPs to California Department of Education industry sectors and industry sectors to assessment results

c.     Provide recommendations to the Technology Subgroup on incorporating initial self-assessment on the website

3.     Onboarding Subgroup (Tina/Wendy)

a.     Incorporate ACPs into Orientation

b.     Incorporate confidence survey into Matriculation survey and flag the categories of students (decided, undecided, sort of decided) and recommend follow-up

How confident are you in your choice of ACP? Choice of major?

How confident are you in your choice of careers related to your ACP/major?

Read More: Krista Warren (Cont.)

Former MiraCosta business student, Damon Kellogg, recently received the Volunteer of the Year award for his work with Sustainable Surplus at the North County Philanthropy Council's annual awards luncheon. Sustainable Surplus is a nonprofit that supports the community with surplus items donated by local corporations for ReUse. Their mission is to repurpose still-usable assets to the community and to support the environment by diverting items from the landfill and to conserve natural resources. Damon began working with Sustainable Surplus through an accounting internship with MiraCosta. He says, "The five months I spent interning at Sustainable Surplus allowed me to practice and apply my knowledge and skills to real world business applications." Damon continued to volunteer with Sustainable Surplus after his internship ended, and was awarded the distinction of "Volunteer of the Year".  Damon is now continuing his education at CSUSM in the College of Business Administration program. 

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Krista Warren is a tireless advocate for adult education at the California Community Colleges and has spent her entire professional career in service to students. Since 1992, she has worked as an associate faculty member at MiraCosta College, where she teaches non-credit life skills and vocational classes for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Prior to joining the faculty ranks at MiraCosta College, Krista spent 13 years as a career counselor at Camp Pendleton, where she coordinated educational transitional planning for the US Marine Corps Transition Assistance Program.

Krista is a collaborative and caring teacher with a deep commitment to her students’ success. She is also a champion of adult education, and demonstrates her commitment through her service as a board member on a number of local, regional and statewide community college organizations, including the MiraCosta College Faculty Senate, the college’s associate faculty union, for which she is currently president. Krista also played a large role in expanding noncredit education opportunities in North San Diego County when she served as the AB86 coordinator for the San Diego Coastal North County Adult Education Consortium. She was later appointed as the organization’s supervisor for its first year. Krista also serves as a board member and is on the budget committee for the Community College Association (CCA). The CCA/CTA recently recognized Krista with its “WHO” award, which is given annually to an outstanding member of a local union.

Krista holds a master’s degree in education and technology and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies with an emphasis in education. She is a mother of three and a breast cancer survivor who has helped raise awareness of the disease through volunteer work. Her colleagues describe her as a team player and problem solver. Her students, many of whom have autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or other disabilities, describe her as loving and patient, with an energy and passion that is truly contagious. 

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