Free Speech & Distribution of Literature

MiraCosta College supports the rights of students, employees, and members of the public to exercise freedom of speech and expression, subject to the requirements of federal, state, and local laws, and the policies and procedures of the MiraCosta Community College District.

Individuals or organizations can express their free speech rights or arrange to make contact with the campus community in one of four ways: (1) Free Speech Visit (non-commercial), (2) Commercial Visit, (3) Student/Campus Organization Outreach, and (4) Posting and Distribution of Literature.

The Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Richard J. Robertson is responsible for the district's Free Speech and Distribution of Literature Program and is the final arbiter of any decisions rendered by staff.  The Student Activities Office is the department responsible for administering the Free Speech and Distribution of Literature Program.

Governing Documents

Free Speech Visitors (Non-commercial)

Individuals or groups who wish to visit a MiraCosta College site are requested to download the voluntary Request for Campus Contact form, and email or fax it to the Student Activities Office (Oceanside or San Elijo), the Community Learning Center's front desk, or College Police two days before arrival.  Email and fax information is located on the form.

Commercial Visitors

Individuals or groups who wish to visit a MiraCosta College site for commercial purposes must fill out the Request for Campus Contact (Commercial) form at least two days before arrival. A $50 charge per day will be assessed on the organization.  Nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying the fee.

Student/Campus Organization Outreach

Student clubs and organizations wishing to setup a student contact table follow a process different than the one outlined for community members.  Student clubs and organizations must fill out an Activities Request and abide by the normal approval process outlines in the MiraCosta College Club Handbook.

Campus Organizations (Departments) sponsored visits (college recruiters, Career Center recruiters, etc.) are scheduled and coordinated by the appropriate department.  The Student Activities Office is informed of the visit for coordinating purposes only.  Departments are encouraged to use the Request for Campus Contact (Commercial) Form and, if appropriate, waive the $50 with department head approval.

Military recruiters are coordinated through the Student Activities Office.

Posting and Distribution of Literature

PROCEDURE CHANGE AS OF NOVEMBER 2012: Bulletin boards are provided for posting materials at campus locations convenient for use by students, staff, and members of the public. All materials displayed on a bulletin board shall clearly indicate the author or agency responsible for their production and shall be stamped with the date of posting by the Director of Student Activities or designee. Materials displayed shall be removed after ten days. MiraCosta College reserves the right to restrict part of each public posting area for the promotion campus activities.  Individuals or groups shall post their own literature and shall not block or obstruct other literature posted on bulletin boards.  Staff is responsible for removal.

Distribution of literature: Individuals or groups are allowed to distribute petitions, circulars, leaflets, newspapers, and other printed matter. Material distributed in publically accessible areas that is discarded must be retrieved and removed by those persons distributing the material prior to their departure from campus.  A cleanup fee may be assessed if discarded literature is declared to be trash and is not cleaned up by the sponsoring individual or group.


The following FAQ is provided to answer general questions that individuals or groups may have regarding the Free Speech & Distribution of Literature Program. CLICK HERE

Contact Information

Dr. Dilcie Perez
Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs
Oceanside Campus
P 760.795.6260

Jim Gonzales
Director of Student Activities
Oceanside Campus
P 760.795.6899

Cynthia Rice Carroll
Associate Dean of Student Services
San Elijo Campus
P 760.944.4449, ext. 7802

Melanie Haynie
Student Center Manager/Club and Organization Advocate
P 760.757.2121, ext. 6648

Jane DeRoche
Chariot Advisor
P 760.795.6253