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The Writing Center is now open for Fall appointments!

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* This is our new Online Writing Center Service. Please note your appointment time. You will typically receive a response within 2-3 hours. We do not offer online feedback after 1 pm on Friday.

How to make an Online Writing Center appointment (video)

Making a WC appointment online
How to make an appointment from the web

Check your WC appointment online
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Call us at (760) 795-6861 if you need assistance.

Appointment Types

Writing Feedback
Writing Feedback

In a Writing Feedback appointment, writing consultants will help you brainstorm or look at a draft of your paper. They'll try to determine if you’re answering your prompt and answer any questions you have about your writing. They'll look at your ideas, organization, and clarity.

Reading Assistance
Reading Assistance

In a Reading Assistance appointment, reading consultants will talk to you about your reading process, so you can better focus your attention. They'll also look at your textbook with you and help you develop effective note-taking strategies and reading strategies, so you can better understand what you’re reading.

Learning Parts of Speech Appointments
Learning Parts of Speech

In a Learning Parts of Speech appointment, grammar consultants will look at one of your body paragraphs to find any patterns of errors you might have. They’ll give you a brief mini-lesson on one pattern and help you understand how to correct and avoid those mistakes. These appointments should be made after you’ve received writing feedback, not before.

Scholarship and Transfer Essays

Scholarship and Transfer Essay appointments are available to help you write essays for those purposes.