Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend MiraCosta College?

Anyone may attend MiraCosta College who is:

When do classes start?

What are the fees to attend MiraCosta College?

Required Fees

How long do I need to be a resident of California before I qualify for the in-state registration fee?

The residency rules as established by Title V of the California Code of Regulations require a one-year physical presence in the state of California prior to the first day of the semester, combined with one year of evidence of intent and ability to establish residency in California. Students may be required to present evidence regarding their residency. Some exceptions and limitations to the residency requirement exist; please call the Admissions and Records Office, (760) 795-6620 or (760) 634-7870 if you have questions about residency requirements.

How do I pay fees?

You can pay your fees using Cashnet. (see Tutorial)
You may also choose to pay (or pre-pay) at the Student Accounts Office. If you are receiving financial aid or a California College Promise Grant (formerly called BOGW), make sure the Financial Aid Office has cleared you to register.

If you are receiving a scholarship, you must process your paperwork in the Scholarship Office located in the Oceanside Student Center, Bldg. 3400, before registering. For more information, call or stop by the Scholarship Office, (760) 795-6895.

Do I have to submit an application every semester?

No. If you are currently registered at MiraCosta and are planning to register in the next full semester or summer session, your records are active and you may register in classes using SURF online. If you are a new student or a former MiraCosta student returning after an absence of two semesters or more, you must complete an Application for Admission to activate your records in the online system.

What is my registration appointment date/time?

Continuing students are assigned a specific registration date and time based on the number of units completed (not including current semester) at MiraCosta College for continuing students. New students who have completed testing, orientation and advisement are also assigned a priority date and time.  Students in special populations such as Veterans, EOPS and DSPS may be assigned an early registration date.  Check with the Admissions Offices or the appropriate department for details. 

New and returning students may register using SURF online or in person after continuing students.  Check the registration schedule to determine dates. 

State regulations require that high school students have a lower priority than regularly admitted students.

Preferred Name Process @ MIRACOSTA

In order to ensure than an individual's name reflects their identity, MiraCosta College makes it easy for students to change their preferred name. There are two ways to change your preferred name:

If students wish to change their primary (Legal) name documentation is required. For more information about legally changing your name and gender in the State of California, check out this informative page from the California Courts.

How do I add or drop a class?

Changes to your class schedule may be made online using SURF. If you are adding more units to your schedule, or are subject to new fees such as course fees or Student Center fee, pay at the time you add the units.

Students are responsible for officially dropping a course at whatever point in the semester they choose to drop up to the final drop deadline. If a course is not officially dropped, either on SURF or in person, the student will receive a grade for the class. 

Can I get a refund for classes I drop?
Due to Covid-19 State Regulations for dropping classes for a refund have changed. Please see 'Admissions and Records' under our Student FAQ for the most updated information.

Yes, you may get a refund for required fees. Optional fees (parking and ID card) are non-refundable. State regulations allow refunds during the first two weeks of a semester-length class or by the 10 percent point of short-term courses. Refunds will be automatically mailed to you or credited to your credit card. You may still drop classes after the refund date, but you will not receive a refund. If you register in a class that is cancelled by the college, you will receive an automatic refund (no need to drop the class).

How do I use the Wait List?

Once you are on a wait list, do not attempt to add the class again because you will be dropped off the wait list completely.

Once a class is filled, you have the option to be placed on a wait list. While registering in SURF, you may select the wait list option for a closed class. Prior to the start of the class, a nightly process will attempt to auto register students into any available seats. Information regarding success, payment required and problems will be communicated to students via e-mail.  If registered students are not present or other students decide to withdraw from the class, the instructor may allow students from the wait list to register. The instructor will issue permission numbers to selected students who will then use that number to  officially add the class on SURF, or in person at the Admissions and Records Office. If you are wait-listing an online class, in addition to choosing wait list on SURF, contact the class instructor via e-mail once class begins to ask for permission to register. If the instructor agrees, he/she will issue you a permission number, which you will use on SURF to complete the registration. Classes for which a student is wait-listed do not count as official registration and may not be used to fulfill registration requirements toward financial aid or verifications of registration.  If you have not been automatically registered by the time the class starts, you may still try to "crash" by attending the first class meeting.

What if I miss the first class meeting—will I be dropped from class?

If the class is closed and has students waiting to crash, it is likely the instructor will drop you from class. If your absence is unavoidable and you are able to contact the instructor before class, you should do so by e-mail or telephone. It is at the discretion of the instructor whether or not to drop you from class. If you are dropped, you may try to “crash” at the next class meeting or try to get into another section of the same class.

How do I get my grades?

Final grades are available approximately 2-3 weeks after the end of the semester. Grades are accessed on the SURF online registration system at You may print your unofficial grade report from SURF. We do not mail out grades.

How do I get my unofficial transcript?

You may view and print your unofficial transcript on the SURF online registration system. Due to federal privacy laws, your signature or authentication is required to release your official transcript (an official transcript has the college seal affixed and is often required by transfer institutions, employers, etc.). A parent, spouse or other relative may not request your transcript for you.

Can I take a class for Pass/No Pass (P/NP)?
Due to Covid-19 Students may elect to take their classes for P/NP during Spring 2020 until the last day of the class.

Students are able to request a change to the grading basis of their course(s) through the end of the semester. By changing the grading basis from a letter grade (i.e. A, B, C) to a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) you can limit the impact of the course outcome on your Grade Point Average (GPA). By earning a grade of ‘C’ or better you will be issued a grade of ‘P’. The ‘P’ grade will give you credit for passing the course but will not factor into your overall GPA. If you do not end up earning a ‘C’ or better you will be issued a grade of ‘NP’ (No Pass) and will not earn units but it will not factor into your GPA as a substandard (D, F) grade would. Additionally, the ‘No Pass’ grade will not be counted towards progress probation or dismissal if it is due to Covid-19 related reasons. To change your grading option to Pass/No Pass simply submit the Petition for Pass/No Pass. (Note: While the Chancellor’s Office is in discussion with the CSU’s and UC’s the potentially adverse transfer implication of a pass or no-pass grading option remain in effect).

The class I want to take has a prerequisite. How can I get into the class?

Some classes have a prerequisite and students not meeting the prerequisite will not be able to register in the class (the online system will prevent registration). English and math prerequisites may be met by taking the English and math tests and following the placement recommendations; for details go to the Testing Office. Prerequisites for English, math and other courses may also be met by completing the prerequisite course at MiraCosta or the equivalent course at another school, or by demonstrating skills and knowledge to succeed in the class. Students also have the right to challenge the prerequisite requirement. Click here to submit the Prerequisite/Priority Registration form. Documentation of courses taken at other colleges is required, see the form for details.

Can I repeat a class?

Students may repeat twice, any course in which a grade of “D” or “F” or “NC” has been received in order to raise the grade. Certain activity, performance and skill courses have been designated as repeatable courses and are identified in the course description in the college catalog. Repeatable courses are designated with the symbol + in the class schedule. Students with extenuating circumstances or a significant lapse of time may also petition for an additional repetition.

Can I audit a class?

No, auditing is not allowed at MiraCosta College.

Credit by Exam: What is it?

Students are able to enroll in Credit by Exam for certain MiraCosta College courses and earn credit by passing an exam.

How do I petition to graduate?

To receive an Associates DegreeCertificate of Achievement or Certificate of Proficiency, students must submit a petition to the Admissions and Records Office before the 30% deadline within the semester in which they expect to complete course requirements.  Students who have attended other colleges or universities are required to submit official transcripts for ALL institutions attended before an evaluation of coursework will be completed by Admissions and Records staff.   Information on course requirements for all degree and certificate programs is found in the college catalog.

Do I need to have my transcripts from other institutions evaluated?

There are several reasons why you may need your transcripts evaluated. 

What is an official transcript?

Official transcripts are those transcripts sent directly from one institution to another either by mail or by electronic means, or are in an original sealed (unopened) envelope.  Transcript requests are initiated by the student, not by the college.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all appropriate transcripts are submitted to MiraCosta College.   Official MiraCosta transcripts may be requested through our website.