How to Apply & Enroll in Credit Classes

Current High School Students

Current high school students who have completed the equivalent of ninth grade may attend college credit courses at MiraCosta College with the permission of their high school principal and a parent. Students wishing to receive high school credit in addition to college credit should consult with their high school counselor.

Students must be enrolled in high school and are limited to 11.0 units (8.0 units for summer session) at MiraCosta College. 

Principals from both public and private high schools may recommend college enrollment for students who have demonstrated adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied. Signatures of high school principals and their designees must be on file with the college. 

Recommendations from private high school principals for enrollment in college classes will only be accepted from private schools which have filed the proper affidavit with the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Private schools not listed as active on the California Department of Education website must provide the college with proof of filing the affidavit.  Home-schooled students must provide proof of filing as a private school OR may obtain sign-off from the local public high school that the student would normally be attending.  The local high school must be willing to accept home schooling as valid school attendance and determine whether the pupil has completed coursework sufficient to prepare him or her to undertake college-level course work.

1. Apply for Admission

Complete an online application.  You may not enroll in classes until your application has been processed and it is your assigned time to register. Allow 24 - 48 hours for the application to be processed.

Submit with your application: A completed Concurrent Enrollment Permit signed by your high school counselor, principal and parent. Permits are available in district high school counseling offices or click here for a Concurrent Enrollment Permit (PDF).

2. Enroll in Classes and Pay Fees

Once your application is processed, you will be assigned a Student ID number known as a 'SURF ID'.  When you go to SURF for the first time, click on “Get your SURF ID and Password Here.” You will be able to retrieve your SURF ID and set up a password. Keep this information secure and confidential as it will allow access into your college education records.

Check your enrollment date in your SURF Account. Concurrently enrolled high school students may enroll two weeks prior to the start of the semester using the SURF online enrollment system.  Next, click on “Enrollment and Grades,” then “View Enrollment Appointment” to find out when you are eligible to enroll. To enroll online, click on SURF. You may also enroll in person in the Admissions and Records Office if you prefer not to enroll online.

MiraCosta College has waived the enrollment fee for high school students taking less than 12 units of college courses; however, all other fees must be paid at the time of enrollment - if you are planning to apply for financial aid or a Board of Governors fee waiver, make sure you complete that process with the Financial Aid Office before enrolling.

More about getting started...

Apply for Financial Aid

If you need financial assistance to help pay for fees and books, visit the Financial Aid Office in Building 3000 on the Oceanside Campus or click here for the Financial Aid Office.  

Take the Placement Tests

The English and math tests place you in classes where you are most likely to succeed. Both tests are given on computers and do not require a reservation. You must take the placement tests before enrolling in college-level math or English. Detailed information about placement tests and alternatives to testing are included in the class schedule or click here for the Testing Office.


Orientation gives you planning tools you’ll need to succeed at MiraCosta College and  you’ll learn about college programs, requirements and services. You can complete the orientation online.


Complete the on-line advisement presentations. There are two presentations but you only need to complete to become matriculation. Click here to go the Orientation and Advisement presentations.

Buy Your Books

You can purchase textbook in the Spartan Bookstore at either campus or online at

Attend Class

You must attend and be on time for the first class meeting. If you do not attend the first class on time, you may be dropped from the class to make room for another student. It’s a good idea to come to campus before the first day of classes to find your classrooms. Also, parking can be tight the first week of classes—allow enough time to find a parking place.

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