Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team

MiraCosta College cares about the emotional and physical well-being of all students, as well as their academic success. MiraCosta has developed the Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) program which is managed by the Student Services Division. The CARE team is committed to a proactive approach to helping our students succeed while maintaining a safe environment for the entire campus community.

The CARE program's mission is to provide a systematic response to students whose behavior is perceived as harmful to themselves, to others or to the community. While MiraCosta College does provide limited mental health services for students, it also provides students with appropriate referrals for additional mental health intervention and services.

The College has purchased a student discipline software management system (Maxient) which will allow for rapid reporting and accurate recording of incidents which occur at any MiraCosta site. If you have a concern about anyone's behavior or safety that affects the MiraCosta College community, please complete and submit an Incident Report form by going to:

You may also access it via the Student Services webpage located at and clicking on the Report Incidents or Behavioral Concerns button above. Once you press “Submit” at the bottom of the form, it will be forwarded immediately to the person at the appropriate college site, who is responsible for student discipline. That person (Wendy Stewart, extension 6898 at Oceanside, Cynthia Rice Carroll, extension 7806 at San Elijo, or Nikki Schaper, extension 8701 at the Community Learning Center) and you will be contacted either for further information or to learn how the incident is being or was handled.

If the situation warrants an immediate emergency response, please call Campus Police at x6911 or by pressing the red button on the district phone.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about the CARE program, please do not hesitate to contact Cynthia Rice Carroll at 760.634.7806 or

CARE Advisory Team Members

Cheryl Broom Director of Gov. Relations, Marketing and Communications 6612
Maria Lopez-Aguilar Non-Credit Faculty and Student Support Supervisor 8722
Joe Mazza Director of Risk Management 6866
Robert Norcross Chief of Police and Campus Safety 6642
Benny Perez Campus Police Sergeant 6686
Marge Reyzer Coordinator of Health Services 6676
Nikki Schaper Associate Dean of Student Services, San Elijo 7806
Wendy Stewart Dean of Counseling and Student Development 6892
Mario Valente Dean of Academic Information Systems 6720
Connie Wilbur Director of Disabled Student Services and Programs 6300
Sheri Wright Director of Human Services 6865

Resources for the MiraCosta Community: