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Minimum Qualifications

Personal Information

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Position you are applying for:

Click on the appropriate office to read the job duties for each respective position (see highlighted portion of the document that opens).

Applicant Questions

What do you hope to accomplish by working on the Chariot staff?

What qualities do you possess that will make you a good member of the Chariot staff?

Describe your previous publication experience.

What is your major or educational goal?

Please attach a sample of your work (writing, photography, art). If you are attaching more than one document, please compress all materlal into one ZIP file and upload.

Personal Statement of Eligibility

I have read and I understand the qualifications stated above, and I hereby attest to the fact that I meet such requirements to become a member of the Chariot staff.  I authorize the Student Media Adviser to forward my application to the Chariot staff interview committee for review.

Release of Information

Upon becoming a member of the Chariot staff, I authorize the Student Media Adviser to release my name and contact information to the public for business purposes only.  This may include organizational contact lists, district committee web sites, and queries by the press or any activity that is related to the execution of my duties as a member of the Chariot staff.

Information True and Correct

I attest that the information submitted in this application is true and correct.  I further understand that the willful submission of false information could result in disqualification from Chariot staff membership and/or disciplinary action under the MiraCosta College Student Code of Conduct.

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