Course repeatability

"Course repetition" occurs when a student who has previously received an evaluative symbol in particular course re-enrolls in that course and receives another evaluative symbol. This can be used to improve previously substandard coursework (D, F, FW, NP/NC) and a student's cumulative grade point average. Student's are limited to retaking a course three times at MiraCosta College to improve stubstandard grades. Students who receive a "W" (Withdrawal) may repeat the course; students with an "I" (Incomplete) grade in a course may not register for the course again until an evaluative grade is posted

Repetition to Alleviate Substandard Coursework

A student may repeat a non-repeatable course in which they earned a substandard grade (D, F, FW, NP/NC) at MiraCosta College or at any other accredited college or university

Upon each reptition of a course to alleviate substandard coursework, the most recent evaluative grade earned will be computed in the student's cumulative grade-point average and annotated on the student's permanent academic record

A student may alleviate up to two substandard grades for reptition of a repeatable course provided that no additional enrollments are permitted beyond the four-enrollment maximum established for repeatable courses.

In determining transfer of a student's credits, MiraCosta College will honor similar, prior course repetition actions by other accredited colleges and universities. MiraCosta College, in accordance with Title 5, allows repeition to occur only under certain circumstances. For more information on course repeatability, please refer to the College Catalog