reinstatement following dismissal

A student who has been dismissed for academic and/or progress reasons may be reinstated when the student: (a) does not attend for one semester, and (b) consults with a counselor to determine whether the reasons that led to dismissal have been corrected sufficiently to enable improved performance

Students who believe their dismissal should be put aside after being notified of dismissal must immediately peition the Committee on Exceptions. It is the student's responsibility to indicate on the peition a clear statement of the grounds on which continued enrollment should be granted and to provide evidence supporting the reasons

The decision of the Committee on Exceptions will be communicated to the student in writing by the Dean of Counseling and Student Development. The student may appeal the decision of the Committee on Exceptions in writing to the supertendent/president within thirty days of the date of notification of the decision of the Committee on Exceptions. The decision of the superintendent/president is final

If the dimissal appeal is granted, the student will be continued on probation for an additional semester. At the end of the additional semester, the student's academic record will again be evaluated to determine whether the student may be removed from probation, should the dismissed, or should be continued on probation