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Contents of How to "Drop" a Course

How to "Drop" a Course

Online - SURF

In person - Drop Card

Image of a Drop Card.

Lecture Notes

It would have been better for the student in the previous example to have withdrawn or dropped his classes instead of getting low grades. Dropping classes won't affect your G.P.A. There are two methods you can use to drop a course. You can drop a course online through SURF. Click on the hyperlinks to see a demonstration or read directions. Make sure you know the drop deadline, which can be found in the course schedule every semester. The second method involves obtaining an official drop card from the Admissions and Records Office. Complete the drop card and submit it to Admissions and Records by the drop deadline. You do not need the instructor's approval or signature to drop the course. The drop deadline can be found in the class schedule or your instructor's syllabus. You can obtain a printout online through SURF or from the Admissions and Records office showing you have "officially" dropped the course.