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Contents of What is Dismissal?

What is Dismissal?

Academic Dismissal

Progress Dismissal

Lecture Notes

At the end of spring semester, a student who is on "academic probation" after three consecutively enrolled semesters shall be subject to dismissal for the following fall semester if the student earned a cumulative grade-point average of less than 2.0 in all units attempted. At the end of spring semester, a student who has been placed on "progress probation" shall be subject to dismissal if the percentage of units in which the student has been enrolled for which entries of "W", "I", and "NP" are recorded in at least three consecutive semesters reaches or exceeds 50 percent at the end of spring semester. (Summer semester is NOT considered a consecutive semester). Once a student is dismissed, the student must sit out a semester or file a petition to be reinstated that must be approved by the Committee on Exceptions (COE). COE petition forms may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office. The petition must state extenuating or mitigating circumstances, if the student wishes to have their dismissal overturned. After a student sits out a semester they may return to the college. If you are placed on academic or progress probation or dismissed from the college it will be noted on your transcript.