Disbursement Information

Award Notification

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Financial Aid Office is closed to all in-person services. Serving our students and processing financial aid applications and payments remains our highest priority. Financial Aid disbursements will continue as scheduled for the rest of the semester and we will continue to process financial aid applications.

Log in to SURF, click on Financial Aid, and select the aid year to review your financial aid offer and cost of attendance information. MiraCosta College pays financial aid funds approximately every two weeks, beginning with the week prior to the start of the corresponding semester. Please refer to the MiraCosta College Financial Aid Office website (http://www.miracosta.edu/studentservices/financialaid/index.html) for additional information regarding disbursement dates.

Please remember that initial awards are subject to change. The awards are based on full-time enrollment (12 units) and will be reduced if a student enrolls less than full-time. Awards may also be reduced based on information provided on additional required financial aid documents. Financial aid funds WILL NOT be disbursed until all SURF Task List items have been completed and your file has been reviewed.

Disbursement Information

Disbursement of Federal Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans will be disbursed no sooner than one week prior to the start of the semester. In order to be scheduled for a disbursement, students must complete all required items on their Task List and have their file review completed. Students without academic history or a 0% completion rate and enrolled in distance education must wait until the published census date for those classes before aid may be disbursed.

If your file is completed and reviewed prior to the start of the fall and/or spring semester, Federal Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans will be disbursed in two increments for the semester:

All other financial aid, excluding scholarships, will be disbursed in full, after the add/drop date. View this chart for dates.

MiraCosta College will use all applicable federal and state financial aid to pay for outstanding tuition and fees before a credit balance will be disbursed in the current aid year. Cal Grant B and Cal Grant C recipients may elect to receive the full amount of their "Access" or "Book and Supplies" award to use toward educational expenses or have it applied to outstanding tuition and fees. Students who choose the first option must contact the Financial Aid Office directly and are responsible for resolving any account balances with MiraCosta College. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Examples of possible disbursement scenarios

Example #1
Student A had all Task List items completed and their file reviewed prior to the start of the fall semester and is enrolled in 12 units. They are eligible for $2,500 of Federal Pell Grant. For the first disbursement, which would occur prior to the first day of the semester, they will receive $625 ($2,500 X 25%). After the add/drop date, the student is still enrolled in 12 units, and they will receive another $1,875 ($2,500 X 75%) after the add/drop date.

Example #2
Student B did not have all their Task List items completed and their file reviewed until right after the add/drop date and is enrolled in 12 units. They were not eligible for a disbursement prior to the start of the semester. They are now eligible for $2,500 of the Federal Pell Grant. They receive one disbursement for the semester of $2,500 ($2,500 X 100%).

Disbursement Dates

IMPORTANT NOTE: Financial aid eligibility is based on the number of units enrolled as of the full semester add/drop date for the corresponding semester. Wait-listed units do not count toward enrollment. Classes added after the full semester add/drop date will not be counted toward financial aid eligibility. Students who withdraw after the full semester add/drop date may be required to repay a portion of their financial aid funds.


MiraCosta College partners with a third party servicer, BankMobile, to deliver financial aid payments. By doing so, we are able to disburse funds to students faster and more frequently. You may choose direct deposit to your current bank account or direct deposit to a BankMobile account as your preferred method of financial aid delivery. Students can set up direct deposit by selecting theBankMobile item on thier SURF Tasks list. Additionally, a refund selection kit will be emailed and sent by U.S. mail to financial aid students in a bright green envelope. To find the location of a BankMobile ATM you can use the ATM locator online or download the BankMobile app.