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Ghaidan from Yemen

"I received admissions from UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, Georgia Institute of Technology and Washington University in St. Louis. I strongly believe that the quality of the classes at MiraCosta are excellent that prepared me for junior and senior level courses."

Ghaidan, transferred to Washington University in St. Louis to complete a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering.


Sayuri from Japan

“I chose MiraCosta because of the low tuition fees. I was able to improve my English skills and complete my transfer program in business because of the great support I received from professors
and staff.”

Sayuri began taking English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at MiraCosta College, and went on to earned the college's Medal of Honor and transferred to San Diego State University with a $6,000 transfer scholarship to complete a bachelor degree in Business.


Charlotte from Sweden

"MiraCosta has excellent professors that encourage student to become critical thinkers. I met so many wonderful people from different backgrounds at MiraCosta that have really changed the way I look at the world.” 

Charlotte transferred to San Francisco State University to complete a bachelor’s degree in Print and Broadcast Journalism.


Soo Hyun from Korea

“For two years, MiraCosta helped me to reach my ultimate goal, transferring to University of California at Berkeley. MiraCosta has extremely wonderful professors, who always want to help you. You will accomplish your dream if you take advantage of all the great programs that MiraCosta offers."

Soo Hyun from Korea, transferred to UC Berkeley to complete a bachelor's degree in English.