MiraCosta Scholarships Available

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Fall 2014 Scholarships

  • MCCF 2014-15 Visit Oceanside Hospitality Scholarship

$1,000 scholarship for a student majoring in -or- planning to major in Hospitality Management

MCCF Victory Fund - MILITARY and VETERAN Emergency Assistance

      • Established in conjunction with the Victory Fund to provide emergency financial help to military personnel and veterans attending MiraCosta College.
      • "click" here for the Eligibility Criteria
      • Download Application and submit to the MiraCosta Foundation, attention Cynthia Rice.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
      • Deadline: Open - based on funds available and personal need

"BRIDGES To The Future Program" Grant - MiraCosta College and Cal State University San Marcos

Scholarships Opening Fall 2014

      • Eligibility Criteria:
        • Must be receiving a California Board of Governor's Fee Waiver,
        • Have completed 24 degree applicable units at MiraCosta with a cumulative degree applicable GPA of 2.0 or greater,
        • Must be currently enrolled in six (6) units or more at MiraCosta and have an education goal.
        • Personal Statement essays required.
        • Awards are based on semester enrollment: full-time (12 units) $500; three-quarter time (9-11 units) $375; and half-time (6-8 units) $250. Maximum award per academic year is $1,000 with an overall maximum of $3,000.
        • Scholarship is renewable each fall and spring semesters to students who continue to meet the eligibility criteria. The scholarship is not transferrable to another school.
        • APPLY ONLINE - click the down arrow for "What Scholarship are you applying for? OSHER (Deadline 03/04/14)"
      • Deadline: opening fall 2014

Scholarships Opening Spring 2015

    • Spring 2015 Encinitas Garden Horticulture Scholarship

        • 2 $500 Horticulture Scholarships awarded. Eligibility Criteria:  must have completed at least six units at MiraCosta, are currently enrolled in six units or more, have completed or are enrolled in a HORTICULTURE class, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater. Personal Statement essays required.
        • Opening January 2015
    • MCCF Spring 2015 Genentech Biotechnology Scholarships

        • Awarding up to 5 $1,000 scholarships
        • Eligibility Criteria:
          • Must be currently enrolled at MiraCosta College for the spring semester,
          • Enrolled in a Biotechnology course at MiraCosta -or- successfully completed one or more Biotechnology courses at MiraCosta. Personal Statement essays required. Tip: review the Genentech website.
          • Students eligible for the Genentech scholarship should also apply for MCCF 2014-15 ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIPS
        • DOWNLOAD APPLICATION Completed application can be e-mailed, mailed, or submitted to the Scholarship office
        • Deadline: reopening spring 2015
    • MCCF Fall 2014 San Elijo Campus Book Grant - A.R.M.S. Coastal Community Foundation

      • Eligibility Criteria: book voucher for a single parent, re-entry student, enrolled in classes at the MiraCosta San Elijo campus. The book grant pays for required book(s) and materials; funding is based on account balance.
      • Application and Personal Statement essays required. If awarded, a Thank You letter addressed to the donor is required prior to receiving the book voucher.
      • Application opens Fall 2014
    • MCCF Fall 2014 Friends of DANCE Scholarships

      • $500 Scholarship awards, winners will be announced at the May 11 Dance Concert

      • Eligibility Criteria:
        • student must have completed at least 6 units at MiraCosta and be currently enrolled in 6 units or more that includes a dance class at MiraCosta
        • have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
        • Dance majors preferred.  
        • Personal Statement essays and a Letter of Recommendation required.
      • APPLY ONLINE - click the down arrow "What Scholarship are you applying for? "Friends of Dance"
      • Opening:  September 2014