MiraCosta College Scholarships Available

Fall 2016 MiraCosta College Scholarships

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation $40,000 Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (JKCF) honors excellence by awarding up to $40,000 per year to outstanding community college students. Eligibility: Current student at a 2-year institution with sophomore status by December 31, or a recent graduate, planning to enroll full-time in a Baccalaureate program fall 2017, has a cumulative 3.5 or greater GPA, documented community service or involvement and/or leadership, and financial need. Successful students:

Fall 2016 LIFE Scholarships for Foster Youth ($500)

Fall 2016 MiraCosta College Friends of Dance Scholarships ($500)

MiraCosta College Classified Senate Spring 2017 Employee Scholarship ($500)

2016-17 Datron World Communications Employee/Family Member Scholarship

MiraCosta College Wright Smith Family Study Abroad Scholarship

MiraCosta College Spring 2017 Dorothy Pat McCoury Study Abroad Scholarship

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Bridges Grant Program - MiraCosta College & Cal State University San Marcos

Victory Fund Assistance for  Active Duty Military or Injured Veterans

The MiraCosta Foundation established a program with the Victory Fund, which operates through the "Nice Guys" to provide one-time emergency assistance for active duty military or injured veterans attending MiraCosta College. The grant is a “hand up” one-time gift of funds to resolve a single financial incident.

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Spring 2017 MiraCosta College Scholarships

2017-2018 MiraCosta College Annual Scholarship ($500 - $2,500)

Spring 2017 LIFE Scholarships for Foster Youth ($500)

2017-18 Tri-City Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Scholarships

Spring 2017 MiraCosta College Genentech Biotechnology (BTEC) Scholarships

Spring 2017 California Coast Credit Union Service Learning Scholarships ($500)

Spring 2017 MiraCosta College Friends of Dance Scholarships ($500)

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2017-2018 MiraCosta Harry Phillips Social Science Transfer Scholarship

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Spring 2017 CCCSFAAA* Scholarship (*California Community College Student Financial Aid Administrators Association)

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Transferring to Pomona College, ask about the Hatoff-Swan Scholarship

The HATOFF-SWAN Scholarship was created at Pomona College* with the hope of supporting a MiraCosta College student transferring to Pomona College, Claremont, CA.

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Coastal Community Foundation A.R.M.S. Book Grant

The Coastal Community Foundation supports textbook grants for a specific population of students* attending classes at MiraCosta College. Review the eligibility criteria:

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Fall 2017 MiraCosta College Scholarships

Fall 2017 MiraCosta College Osher Scholarships (renewable)

Fall 2017 MiraCosta College Winski Scholarships (renewable)

Renewable $500 scholarships based on maintaining eligibility each fall and spring up to four consecutive semesters at MiraCosta College, $2,000 maximum award. Scholarship is not transferrable.