MiraCosta College Scholarships Available

MiraCosta College Scholarships - Fall 2017

Fall 2017 RAFFY Scholarships for Foster Youth ($500)

Qualified candidates must be former Foster Youth participating in the RAFFY* program with a 2.0 or greater Grade Point Average (GPA).  RAFFY: Resources and Assistance for Former Foster Youth.

Bob Wilson RAFFY Scholarship

LIFE Scholarship for Foster Youth

A Personal Statement is required and visit the Writing Center for assistance. Also attach a current, unofficial MiraCosta transcript. Click here on how to print and save your transcript as a PDF file.

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Fall 2017 MiraCosta College Osher Scholarships (renewable Fall & Spring)

Fall 2017 MiraCosta College Winski Scholarships (renewable Fall & Spring)

2018-19 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

Datron World Communications Employee/Family Member Scholarship

Student must be a current Datron World Communications employee or a family member of an employee: mother, father, daughter, step-daughter, son, step-son or grandchild to be eligible to apply.

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MiraCosta College Wright Smith Family Study Abroad Scholarship

Fall 2017 MiraCosta College Friends of Dance Scholarships ($500)

Spring 2018 MiraCosta Classified Senate Employee Scholarship ($500)

San Diego Web Design Scholarship for MiraCosta students ($500)

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MiraCosta College Scholarships - Spring 2018

MCC 2018-19 Annual Scholarships (over 250 awards $500 - $2,500)

Apply if you are a MiraCosta students continuing in the fall, or a MiraCosta student transferring this fall to a four-year institution, or a graduating high school student planning to attend MiraCosta in the fall.

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Spring 2018 LIFE Scholarships for Foster Youth ($500)

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MCC Spring 2018 Genentech Biotechnology (BTEC) Scholarships

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Spring 2018 MiraCosta College Friends of Dance Scholarships ($500)

Spring 2018 CCCSFAAA* Scholarship

*California Community College Student Financial Aid Administrators Association. Student must be currently enrolled in six or more units at MiraCosta College, have a cumulative 2.5 or greater GPA, and completed a FAFSA or the Dream Act with $1,000 or more remaining financial need. Personal Statement required. Click here for a personal statement template and visit the Writing Center for assistance.

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2018-19 Tri-City Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Scholarships

Spring 2018 California Coast Credit Union Service Learning Scholarships ($500)

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2018 MiraCosta College Harry Phillips Social Science Transfer Scholarship

Datron World Communications Employee/Family Member Scholarship

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Bridges Grant Program - MiraCosta College & Cal State University San Marcos

The Bridges to the Future Program assists community college students from an underrepresented ethnic group who are preparing for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Click here for details. 

Victory Fund Assistance for Injured Military Veterans

The Victory Fund operates through "Nice Guys" to provide one-time emergency assistance for injured military veterans attending MiraCosta College. The grant is a “hand up” one-time gift of funds to resolve a single financial incident. Applicant criteria: must be a military veteran attending MiraCosta College, injured as a result of recent combat, with a specific one-time financial need. A typed, detailed statement of your situation and financial need is required; an incomplete application or personal statement will not be processed. Click here for a personal statement template and visit the Writing Center for assistance. Download Application.

Transferring to Pomona College? Ask about the Hatoff-Swan Scholarship.

The HATOFF-SWAN Scholarship was created at Pomona College with the hope of supporting a "full-ride" scholarship to a MiraCosta College student transferring to Pomona College in the fall, click here for a list of majors. Students must complete a FAFSA and be accepted to Pomona College to be eligible for the scholarship. Contact Pomona College for information. Pomona College is one of the Claremont Colleges that includes Scripps College, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, and Pitzer College.

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