Stream Festival Presenters Registration Form

Community Partner: Presenter Proposal
Deadline: February 28

This is a free event to our K-8th grade community.

Name of the Organization


Contact Lead First Name

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Phone Number


Space Information (Most booths are outdoors, we do have a few classrooms available for activities that need to be indoors.  Shaded spaces are very limited on campus.)

We provide 1 table and 2 chairs. If you need more, how many more tables and chairs will you bring.
This will help us identify a proper space for you.

Do you need a classroom?

Are you bringing a tent, and how many are you bringing? We do not provide tents.

Do you need access to electricity?

Do you need access to water?

Does your activity have chemicals that can be harmful to our grass (vinegar, salt, ice, dies, etc.)?

Please list chemicals you are bringing for your activity

Are there any vehicles or large equipment that you are bringing on campus that are part of the booth?
(book mobile, electric car, robot, etc.) Special entrance and permission required for driving vehicles onto the campus.

In addition to sharing your organization's resources, we encourage you to have activities that engage the public. The STREAM Festival focuses on science, technology, engineering, math and reading/writing and arts with a STEM focus/theme.

Please list the activity or resources being shared with the public

What do you want the children and family to learn from their participation?

The Service Learning & Volunteer Center will only provide a table and two chairs, please bring your own table cover. Your participation will be confirmed via email within 5 business days of submittal. All approved proposals will receive an email reminder with parking, set-up and check-in instructions by the week of April 1.

For more information or questions please call (760) 795-6616 or email or Food Services are NOT available during the event, please come prepared with any food/water items you might need during the day.

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