Student Advocates

The Team

Student Advocates are passionate about education, community, advocacy, social justice, and equity. Student Advocates are assigned to a local Title I school or a local non-profit that supports a local Title I school. Their role is to assist the school with literacy and STREAM activities that promote higher learning. Advocates also work in the center and use their paid office hours as an opportunity to share service opportunities with other college students The team consists of motivated and engaged students, each with their particular reasons for becoming student advocates.

The Student Advocates

Nailea C. Angh Flores - First Generation College Student
Major: Sociology and Engineering
Academic Goals: Transfer to university with and AA degree from MiraCosta.
"I became a Student Advocate to be a part of ensuring student success. I'm a first generation student, identify as Mexicana, and also very friendly."

Rosa Bautista
Major: Liberal Arts
Academic Goals: Transfer to a 4-year university.
"I wanted to become a Student Advocate to get out of my comfort zone and give back to the community."

Robyjean Bishop
Major: Psychology
Academic Goals: I want to get my Master's Degree and become a Community College Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist.
" I became a Student Advocate because I enjoy helping and working with others."

Tiffany Castaño
Major:  Spanish
Academic Goals: Finish MiraCosta then transfer and become a Teacher.
“I wanted to be an Advocate because I love helping people and doing stuff in my community."

Victoria Castaño - First Generation College Student
Major: Sociology
Academic Goals: Get my AA and then transfer to CSUSM.
"I became a Student Advocate because I liked to be in the community and getting down and dirty. I also like to help the organizations and see the difference that we could make."

Virginia Cerda
Major: Graphic Design
Academic Goals: AA to Transfer
"I am a returning Advocate. I truly enjoy the difference I make in the community."

Tristan Cooper
Major: Chemical Engineering
Academic Goals: I plan to transfer to a four year university and then apply to graduate school.
"Being a Student Advocate is allowing me to serve my community and do meaningful work. It also allows me to emerse myself into a culture of caring, something I don't believe I would be able to find somewhere else."

Amy Espinoza
Major: Liberal Arts
Academic Goals: I want to become an Elementary School Teacher
"I wanted to become a Student Advocate because I am very passionate about helping out my community. I am a first generation college student and I am very proud of being Chicana."

Daniela "Dani" Estrada Zepeda - First Generation College Student
Major: Criminology. I want to become an FBI or DEA Agent.
Academic Goals: To maintain a 3.0 GPA and be successful in all my classes.
"One way I distress from college is by going to the beach and playing with my dogs."

Omar Jimenez
Major: Cinemas & Television Arts
Academic Goals: I want to right for TV, but I can't spell.
"I wanted to create films, but I also wanted to help the community, so I joined and here I am. Being a first generation college student, I also want to make my parents proud."

Faviola Mozo
Major: Studio Arts with an emphasis in Photography
Academic Goals: To get an Associate's Degree and transfer to a university.
"I've always tried to use the services offered to me in college and I want to give back to that. I've also always wanted to help in any way I can and I think becoming a Student Advocate is a start."

Josue Navarrete
Major: Unknown
Academic Goals: Transfer to a 4-year
"I want to give back to the community. I hope to find my passion through the service I do."

Thomas Nguyen
Major: Nursing
Academic Goals: Nursing Program
"I wanted to make a difference and give back to society. To inspire and empower others to strive for their dreams and pursue what makes them happy."

Karlee Raisor
Major: Liberal Arts - Social & Behavioral Emphasis
Academic Goals: Transfer to a 4 year university and become an Elementary School Teacher
"Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow." - Isaiah 1:17

Amani Salgado
Major: Unknown
Academic Goals: To be in school and graduate with a degree.
"I became an Advocate because I like to help during the farmers market. And Bea introduced me to the opportunity to go and read to 3rd graders. I am happy to do it."

Natalia Sarram
Major: English Literature
Academic Goals: To transfer to Columbia University to finish my Bachelor's Degree, then work towards my Master's and PhD.
"I want to be a useful student in the MiraCosta community. The college gives so much to me and I am so appreciative for it, however I want to reciprocate those gifts by joining Student Services and volunteering as much as I can."

Beatriz Torres
Major: Liberal Arts/ Social Behavioral Sciences/Child Development/Elementary School Teacher.
Academic Goals: I plan on transferring to CSUSM for my Bachelor's School Teacher Degree. I will be in the workforce for sometime and then go for my Master's at SDSU.
"I am a first generation college student. I wanted to become a Student Advocate to grow and learn to build strong leadership skills. One of my passions is singing and I plan on pursuing this passion as well. I am into fitness so I have taken kinesiology courses at MiraCosta."

Anisa Trody
Major: Biology
Academic Goals: My goal is to transfer to a 4-year university after I get my AA degree.
"I wanted to become a Student Advocate to make new connections with people to network with. Also I love helping people in need and volunteering."

Jolinda Trody
Major: Psychology
Academic Goals: To achieve a BA in Psychology and work towards my Master's in Social Work.
"To give back to my community. To gain more experience with children and possibly become a counselor. Also to meet great people of diverse cultural groups."