Student Advocates

The Team

Student Advocates are passionate about education, community, advocacy, social justice, and equity. Student Advocates are assigned to a local Title I school or a local non-profit that supports a local Title I school. Their role is to assist the school with literacy and STREAM activities that promote higher learning. Advocates also work in the center and use their paid office hours as an opportunity to share service opportunities with other college students The team consists of motivated and engaged students, each with their particular reasons for becoming student advocates.

The Student Advocates

Dunia Azizi
Major: Liberal Arts in Mathematics and Science
Academic Goals: To become a statistician and contribute to society in many ways.
"Being a student advocate means I will have positive participation for a better cause in my community. it helps me deepen my understanding of individual leadership and have the opportunity to work with a group of students that have a shared purpose."

Tiffany Castano

Tiffany Castaño
Major:  Spanish
Academic Goals: Transfer to a 4 year university.
“I became a student advocate because I like helping people out and getting involved with the community.”

Victoria Castaño
Major: Sociology
Academic Goals: I plan to transfer to San Marcos.
"I became an advocate because I really like it how we get to go out in the community and help make that difference. And how we are able to do the hands on job and see how people are so thankful with what we do."

Fernando Villegas
Major: Kinesiology
Academic Goals: To become a Pediatric Physical Therapist.
"I became a Student Advocate because I want to make a positive impact in the community."

Kathleen Figueroa
Major: Nursing
Academic Goals: MSN or PhD.
"I became a student advocate to be the voice of the students. I am committed to making sure all of the students needs are met and know what resources are out there."

Paulina Hernandez
Major: Liberal Arts: Math & Science
Academic Goals: Transfer to a 4 year university and obtain a BSN.
"I became a student advocate because it was a perfect opportunity to become involved and gain a better understanding of my community, while hoping to promote and encourage students of all ages of the amazing changes that community service brings."

Sarah Kinney

Sarah Kinney
Major: Engineering
Academic Goals:  I plan to get an Associate’s degree in Science for transfer then transfer to a 4 year university for engineering. There I hope to continue in my love for research by going to a university which provides opportunities for undergraduate research.
“Being an advocate is the promotion of those underrepresented. I hope to use my experiences as well as learn more about others to create understanding. In the future I plan to join Peace Corps in order to gain more experience in hopes of successfully organizing my own charitable organization.”

Susy Morales
Major: Sociology
Academic Goals: To complete my Associate's Degree at MiraCosta College in Sociology. Afterwards I plan to transfer to UCLA to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Communications. I then look forward to completing my Masters in Education with an emphasis in Counseling at SDSU.
"I became a Student Advocate at MiraCosta because I want to be a resource for my community. Having grown up among a neighborhood where college is not expected was difficult because I had so many questions, but I didn’t know who or where to ask. Due to my experience of profound confusion, I want to be that 24/7 Help Hut for the fellow human."

Nancy Navarrete
Major: Liberal Arts - Math & Science
Academic Goals: Obtain an Associates of Science in Nursing and then transfer to a 4 year to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.
“I hope to be a catalyst for change in my community, especially in narrowing the literacy gap.”

Karlee Raisor
Major: Early Childhood Education
Academic Goals: Transfer to a 4 year university and get my teaching credential.
"I became a student advocate because of its focus on helping those in need. It is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others and show them that people are there for them.:


Aniesa Thomas

Aniesa Thomas
Major: Political Science & Communications
Academic Goals:  To successfully finish 18 units in one semester. I also plan on being able to transfer within 2 years to an out-of-state university.
“I became a student advocate because I saw the opportunity to give back to my community. I knew I was staying local and decided to go back to my high school and help out with clubs. I hope to gain knowledge from being a student advocate. I also look forward to making new connections.”

Arina Vaksleiger
Major: Math and economics.
Academic Goals: Transfer to a 4-year school.
"I cannot imagine my life without helping others. Serving MCC students as their advocates is an act of honor and great responsibility."

Jazmin Vazquez-Otero
Major:  Liberal Arts, Concentration on Math & Science
Academic Goals:  Transfer to UCSD, as Pre-Med.