How to Start a Club at MiraCosta College


The mission of the Office of Student Life & Leadership is to develop MiraCosta College students’ identity awareness, cognitive skills, interpersonal competencies, and leadership skills through experiential learning and co-curricular activities on campus and in the community.

All MiraCosta College students are members of the Associated Student Government, which supports the projects and programs of many clubs catering to students with interests ranging from Business to Community Service. You can join — or lead — any of these organizations. Clubs meet the social and intellectual interests of students at MiraCosta College.

Student Organization Handbook

Duration of Recognition:

All student clubs/organizations must register annually by the Thursday of the 5th week of the semester (fall or spring). Registration is valid for one academic year and expires at the end of the spring semester, regardless of approval date. Clubs who are registered in the fall, must update Club Rosters in the spring.

Registrations will be accepted until the Thursday of the 5th week of classes at 11:59pm.

Please be prepared to provide:

  1. A club constitution;
  2. An identified lead student and ICC representative who must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be enrolled in classes.
    1. Roles may be filled by the same person.
    2. No student may serve as the same officer for more than one club.
  3. A Club Rosters listing all club members and, at minimum, 7 enrolled student members who have paid an ID fee for the semester.
    1. Club members must be enrolled MCC students and must provide email address and student ID numbers.
    2. Clubs with the same name and purpose, claiming separate home campuses, may not appoint the same officers and the same active members.
  4. An faculty member or permanent employee who has agreed to serve as the club’s advisor.

Important Notes:


Training Videos

Club Advisor Interest Form

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