Amendments & Referendums

Per the Associated Student Government of MiraCosta College Constitution, students can amend the articles and bylaws of their governing document.  Articles of the constitution must be amended by a vote of the general student population.  Referendum questions may also be posed to the students of MiraCosta College to consider.

2017 General Election

Constitutional Changes

Question: Shall the Associated Students of MiraCosta College amend their constitution as proposed by the Student Senate on April 7, 2017?

The proposed constitutional changes give the Associate Student Government (ASG) more management control over its committee meetings. In addition, the changes are holding the Student Senate more accountable by requiring all senators to dedicate at least two hours per week to ASG business. Lastly, pronoun changes from “his/hers” to “their” makes the language of the constitution more inclusive within the document.

***Constitutional Changes can be found in this document***