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Summer Bridge is a six-week program limited to a select group of students each year. The program is open to all students, however, the program was designed to serve the unique needs of African-American students with an emphasis on African-American themes. Since 1991, the MiraCosta College Summer Bridge Program has offered intensive academic preparation, highly individualized academic advising and enrichment programs in an intensive, yet nurturing environment during the summer. Bridge students have an excellent opportunity to strengthen their academic skills, develop a peer support network and to familiarize themselves with the demands of college life. Summer Bridge students will earn six UC/CSU transfer level credits in academically rigorous courses, which also become part of the student's official MiraCosta College transcript. Also, Bridge Program students will also receive guidance on course selection, career planning, and progress towards fulfilling degree requirements during the six week summer session.



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Student Testimonials

“The Summer Bridge experience gave me the opportunity to experience level work so when I do start college in the fall, I am aware of the expectations of college work and activities. I believe that this program is very beneficial and I would recommend this to any students who might be having doubts about college.”

“I completely enjoyed my experience in the program and I am glad my mother hounded me so much about doing it. I wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing people. Not only that, but I gained 6 credits and I am ahead of many incoming college freshman. It’s a good feeling to have.”

“Summer Bridge was a great learning experience and I learned so much in the six weeks of being here. Summer Bridge opens your eyes to a lot of things that you don’t realize that you do and it helps you prepare a lot for college. I liked the fact that all the teachers and T.A.s are there to help you no matter what and before I came here I had horrible study habits and was a huge procrastinator and that all changed drastically.”

“I am so happy I decided to attend the Summer Bridge program. It has taught me so much and given me something I didn't even expect from the program and that was a sense of community. The teachers were so helpful and understanding and wanted me to be successful. My peers helped me out through rough times and also when I needed help with class. Despite the different backgrounds that we all came from, we all seemed to associate well with another. I hope this program continues and I also hope to visit these future students and let them know what Summer Bridge did for me.”

“I really liked the Summer Bridge Program. It provided me with a sense of community, and it also helped me to know that I was not alone in my struggle to succeed.”


Each Summer Bridge Cohort engages in a variety of activities throughout the 6 week program that enhance their sense of community, understanding of college, and overall learning.

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