United Black Student Conference (UBSC)

UBSC Synopsis

Sankofa is both a Twi word and value originating from the Akan people in Ghana. This concept teaches us the importance of connecting the past with the present, in order to become effective agents of future change.

The 7th annual United Black Student Conference (UBSC) will focus on the historical significance that culture has on understanding the challenges of people of African descent with the objective of promoting self-love and healing for African people.​

With the support of the Black Student Union (BSU), the Performance Writers club and programs such as Summer Bridge and UMOJA along with community members, we will reenergize a passion for learning, strengthen their unyielding character and spark the minds of the future leaders, parents and law makers that will lead us to success.




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Speaker Bio

Dr. Sharon Elise
Sharon Elise, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at CSU San Marcos, is currently serving a second term as the elected Chair of Sociology. The first spoken word “SLAM” winner of San Diego (1998), she brought the language and practice of Sociopoetics to CSU San Marcos. Her research interests include Critical Race Studies, intersectionality and Black feminism, Black students’ college experience, Black identity and culture in Latino context, and examinations of faculty service in the CSU. Dr. Elise serves as campus Representative to the Council for Affirmative Action for the California Faculty Association (CFA), the faculty union of the California State University system, and is Co-Chair of the African American Caucus for CFA and elected member of the CFA Board of Directors.

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