In-class Writing Center Workshops

The Writing Center is committed to helping students gain the skills they need in order to be successful. Workshops can be similar to existing student success workshops or specifically tailored for your class! See the complete list of workshops below. Submit workshop requests through the Faculty & Staff Portal. Please submit your workshop requests two weeks prior to the requested date to allow for scheduling and preparation.

A Writer on Process

Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Get advice from a real writer. Denise will give a reading from her novel and use it as a springboard to discuss the writing process. She can focus on particular features of writing or the writing process which you’d like your students to consider.
Please let us know if you’d like a particular focus.
You may request this session run 40-60 min.
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Building Better Writing

Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Toys can be used in many stages of the writing process, but the two most common are brainstorming and revision. We will bring in the toys and set up students with a building activity meant to encourage new ideas (brainstorming) or structure/organization/development problems (revision). The building will be followed by note taking and discussion for use as the writers work beyond the workshop. Toys are a fun, non-verbal, kinesthetic way to move ideas and writing forward.
Please send the assignment, stage of the assignment, and any particular reasons for wanting the toys to be brought in.
You may request this session run 40-50 min.
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Cite Right!

Presenter: Steven Deineh
Give your students a fighting chance at formatting their citations correctly in APA or MLA style! A librarian will present a hands-on and interactive workshop that will both give students an introduction to plagiarism as well as introduce them to crafting correct citations in either APA or MLA style. Note: this workshop works best when addressing a specific assignment. Please upload assignment details or a prompt with your request.
This session runs 50 minutes.
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Decoding Writing Assignments

Help students understand when to summarize, research, or analyze. The presenter will help students “decode” a writing or project assignment by examining the language and questions asked to understand when to summarize, research, or analyze. Students will develop a plan and timeline for writing their papers or completing their projects. This workshop works well earlier in the semester or when students have been assigned their first writing assignment for the term.
The goal is to help students understand there are many parts to the writing process, and to help them develop realistic expectations for how long the assignment should take them to complete.
You may request this session run 20 – 45 minutes, depending on the assignment or project.
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Help! Zombies are Attacking my Essay!

Presenter: Sarah Pultz
Writing an essay can be as frightening as facing a horde of undead monsters, especially for students who have never taken a writing class. We'll use a fun interactive format to help your students learn strategies successful writers use to create engaging, well-structured essays, using examples from popular zombie fiction, so students can take over their essays before the zombies do!
You may request this session run 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
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I've Done My Research, Now What?

Students often find research papers daunting. In this workshop students will learn an organizing technique for keeping track of their sources and capturing quotes to incorporate into their writing or presentations. This workshop works best when students have sources printed or available in the computer lab.
Please send the assignment with details about how many sources students should be using and how the sources should be incorporated into their writing.
You may request this session run from 40 – 75 minutes.
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Monkey See; Monkey Write

Presenters: Denise Stephenson
Never seen before! Not available on Hulu. Even YouTube doesn’t have this! Live: Watch a writer in action. Students will observe a writer create ideas from thin air and watch as a blank screen fills with sentences. Students will take notes and then in discussion compare ways the writer worked to your own writing process.
The goal: Add a new practice to your writing process.
This session runs 50 min.
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Practice Safe Writing: Avoid Plagiarism

Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Temptation is everywhere! Students need to learn how to avoid different kinds of plagiarism. Often, concepts of plagiarism are taught only in English classes where quotation is crucial. However, learning not to steal or alter data is equally important.
The presenter will do the best job if prepared with the expectations of citation for this particular class.
You may request this session run 30-40 min.
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Reading for Success

Presenters: Denise Stephenson & Luke Lambert
Want students to read better? This workshop is all about improving student reading. The main focus is to examine the reading process as a process and to develop skills for note taking. It may involve examining a textbook and its features as well as discussions of why reading for this particular class is important.
The presenter will appreciate interaction with instructor to be as prepared as possible in terms of textbook and reading purpose.
You may request this session run 40-50 minutes.
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Timed Writing Exams

Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Quick but not dirty! Students often panic when they have to write for in-class exams. Whether a test requires short answers or long essays, this workshop will provide strategies for writing on demand.
The presenter will do the best job if prepared with the parameters of the type of writing to be done including type of question(s).
You may request this session run 20-30 min.
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Winning Arguments

This workshop on persuasive writing techniques draws on templates from They Say, I Say. Students will practice incorporating quotes into their writing and will develop templates for strong, well-positioned arguments. This workshop can be adapted to focus on persuasive speeches or presentations.
Please send the assignment and any details about the format you’d like your students to follow.
You may request this session run 30 – 60 minutes.
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Writer's Block: What To Do When You're Overwhelmed?

Presenter: Denise Stephenson
When we need to write, we all find ourselves facing a blank page, an empty screen. Want to relax, but need to be productive? This workshops encourages strategies to engage ideas in an assignment without stressing out.
You may request this session run 20-40 min.
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Writing Papers as a Group

Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Pool your talents! Don’t let writing as a group be a hindrance. Become more efficient by sending members of your team to this workshop to learn about time-saving writing choices. Do have your class writing group papers? They present particular problems: how to write in a single voice, how to be efficient yet thorough, how to best use the talents of individual group members.
This session is best timed once groups have formed but before much has happened. Please send the assignment and any details about challenges past groups have faced.
You may request this session run 30-40 min.
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Writing Personal Statements for Scholarships or Transfer

Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Writing a personal statement is a critical part of a scholarship or transfer application. We offer a set of tips, a brainstorming process, and can help students get started.
You may request this session run 30-40 min.
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