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This course prepares students for Elementary Algebra (MATH 30). Topics include operations on positive and negative numbers; fractions, decimals, and percents; perimeters, areas, and volumes of geometric figures; fundamental algebraic concepts; square roots; and applications.

Subject: MATH
Course Number: 20
Section Number: 2044
Units: 4

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
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Instructor notes: Instructor Notes: On the first day of class (or within 24 hours if you add after the first day of class), you must go to and log into the class no later than 11:59 pm or you will be dropped as a no-show and your seat will be given to another student. Also, students must follow directions for enrolling and submitting work online or may be dropped. This "online" class is not completely online; it requires some in-person attendance. Any student enrolling in this online class must come to the MiraCosta College campus several times during the semester to take proctored midterm exams and a final exam. Tests may not be taken at any other physical location. If you live out of town, do not take my section unless you are prepared and able to travel to MiraCosta College as required. Do not buy materials for class until you get information from me about which book or online materials will be required. I will send a more detailed email to all enrolled students when the class is set up and ready to begin. Follow my directions once I send the information regarding how to log in to the online materials, and begin working. Students will need to turn in assignments online using the system provided. All students should plan on dedicating approximately 12 hours per week to all aspect of this course.

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