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Elementary Italian (First Semester)

This introductory course develops Italian language acquisition through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It covers basic Italian pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. It also explores the history, geography, and customs of the Italian-speaking world. This course corresponds to the first two years of high school Italian.

Subject: ITAL
Course Number: 101
Section Number: 2197
Units: 4

Instructor information about this course

Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
LMS link:
Course start page:
Course email:
Office: OC4703
Office hours: TBD
Phone: x6541
Instructor notes: This online course is designed for students who are self-motivated, have exceptional time-management skills, and can study and learn grammar concepts without the guidance of an instructor. Grammar concepts are presented with videos and the instructor will be available during office hours for additional explanations if students have questions. This course is not easier, less work, or less of a time commitment than a regular on-ground class. Do NOT take this course for these reasons. This course is in every way the equivalent of the Traditional Italian 101. The course will be available one week before the first day of class for students to get familiar with it. An in-person orientation at the Oceanside Campus will be provided the first day of class. The orientation is not mandatory but strongly recommended. The course will have two proctored exams (one midterm and one final). Proctored exams can be taken at the MiraCosta Proctoring Center or at an alternative location.

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