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Child Behavior and Guidance

This course relates children's behavior to appropriate teaching and parenting strategies and interventions. It explores effective techniques for interacting with children, including children with special needs, and addresses issues such as separation from parents, new experiences, routines, peer interaction, fears, frustrations, and aggression. Students learn how to access community agencies and family services to provide specialized support.

Subject: CHLD
Course Number: 109
Section Number: 2262
Units: 3

Instructor information about this course

Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
LMS link:
Course start page:
Course email: (method of preferred contact)
Office: N/A
Office hours: To be discussed
Phone: (760)757-2121 x1356
Instructor notes: This is a fully online course which begins on August 18 and ends on December 13.  You will need to participate in the class each week by signing on through Blackboard at

It is required you will need to participate in class discussions, read course resources, and take quizzes every week. There will be several assignments due throughout the semester which will give you practical applications of course content.  
The required textbook is Positive Child Guidance by Darla Ferris Miller (7th ed.).  It can purchased at the MiraCosta bookstore at  
It can be rented or bought (new or used) through the college bookstore and it is also on open reserve at the library
or it can be borrowed through the textbook rental program at

This is a very involved course and each semester the students say how much from they learned about positive child guidance and how much they learn from each other.
I look forward working with you through the Fall semester!

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