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Pre-Calculus I: College Algebra

This course covers advanced algebra topics including functions and their properties. Topics include linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their applications, graphs of functions, inverse functions, and systems of equations and inequalities. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: MATH 126, MATH 131, and MATH 135 combined, maximum credit, 5 units.

Subject: MATH
Course Number: 126
Section Number: 2848
Units: 4

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Instructor notes: Go to my website at and click on “Mandatory Orientation” for important info about this class. This class is taught online through MyMathLab at, and each student must purchase MyMathLab (MML) in order to access to the class material. Each enrolled student must read and follow all of the instructions given in the Mandatory Orientation (including purchasing MyMathLab (MML)and working in the online class materials) in order to stay enrolled in the class. Written, proctored assessments will be taken in-person either in the Academic Proctoring Center (APC) on the MiraCosta campus or at an alternate approved proctoring location. Students wishing to use a proctoring site other than the APC need to make those arrangements well in advance. See the APC's webpage for information about the approval process for taking an assessment at an alternate location. Enrolled students will be contacted by the Instructor on or before the first day of class.

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