Section 125 Flexible Spending Account

Employees may elect to allocate pre-tax dollars through payroll deduction and/or a portion of their District benefits allowance to a flexible spending account to be used for the reimbursement of medical and/or dental out-of-pocket expenses and/or dependent daycare expense.

Deadline to spend prior year account funds is approximately March 11 (the filing deadline is normally December 31 but MCC allows a 75 day grace period).

Deadline to submit receipts to be reimbursed from prior year account funds is March 31.

National Benefit Services
P.O. Box 6980
West Jordan, UT  84084
(800) 478-1528 (fax)

Account information, forms & file claim online:
Must create a profile to access your account online:
Employee ID = social security number (no dashes)
Employer ID = NBS696194

This summary of benefits is informational only and is not a complete description of all applicable conditions. Coverage and plan offerings are subject to change in subsequent years pursuant to District policy.