Job Descriptions (Classified)

Note: This list reflects classifications of existing MiraCosta College classified positions. These are NOT current job openings.

Title DOC

Access Specialist DOC 28
Accompanist *  
Accountant DOC 25
Accounting Specialist DOC 21
Accounting Supervisor DOC 32
Administrative Assistant - Vice President, Business & Administrative Services DOC 25
Administrative Assistant - Vice President, Instructional Services DOC 25
Administrative Assistant - Vice President, Student Services DOC 25
Administrative Secretary, Academic Senate DOC 23
Administrative Secretary - Dean, Academic Information Services DOC 23
Administrative Secretary - Dean, Instruction DOC 23
Administrative Secretary - Dean, Career & Technical Education DOC 23
Administrative Secretary - Nursing DOC 23
Admissions and Records Assistant - Oceanside DOC 20
Admissions and Records Assistant - San Elijo DOC 20
Admissions and Records Assistant - transcript clerk DOC 20
Admissions and Records Evaluator DOC 22
Admissions and Records Evaluator - Degree Audit DOC 22
Admissions and Records Specialist DOC 25
Admissions and Records Supervisor, San Eljo DOC 26
AHSDP Advisor* 20
Apprentice I, II, and III * DOC --
Apprentice I, II and III (instructional) * DOC --
Assistant Buyer DOC 23
Assistant Coach* 16
Assistant Test Proctor* 08
Athletic Equipment Attendant DOC 14
Athletic Trainer DOC 28
Attendance Accounting Specialist DOC 24
Benefits Coordinator/HR Specialist DOC 25
Box Office Cashier DOC 11
Building Maintenance Mechanic I DOC 14
Building Maintenance Mechanic II DOC 20
Building Maintenance Mechanic III DOC 24
Business Consultant, North San Diego Small Business Development Center DOC --
Buyer DOC 25
Campus Aide I, II, and III * DOC --
Campus Aide I, II, and III (instructional) * DOC --
Campus Police Communication/Records Specialist DOC 23
Campus Police Officer DOC 25
Campus Police Sergeant DOC 31
Cashier I * DOC 09
Cashier II DOC 18
Chief of Police & Campus Safety DOC CM12
Client Support Specialist DOC 29
Community Services Aide DOC 8
Community Service Officer (CSO) DOC 9
Community Services Assistant I DOC 15
Coordinator, Career Studies & Services DOC 25
Coordinator, Communications Design DOC 27
Coordinator, Health Services DOC 35
Coordinator, Institute for International Perspectives DOC 30
Coordinator, Instructional Computing   DOC 36
Coordinator, Library Operations DOC 32
Coordinator, School Relations/Diversity Outreach DOC 29
Coordinator, Technical Services DOC 40
Coordinator, Testing Services DOC 27
Curriculum Support Specialist DOC 25
Custodial Supervisor DOC 20
Custodial Utility Worker DOC 16
Custodian DOC 13
Development Officer DOC 32
Director, Admissions & Records/Registrar DOC CM12
Director, Cashiering Services DOC CM8
Director, Community Services & Business Development DOC CM12
Director, Facilities DOC CM15
Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships DOC CM12
Director, Fiscal Services DOC CM13
Director, Human Resources DOC CM15
Director, Institutional Research DOC CM15
Director, Public & Governmental Relations, Marketing and Communications DOC CM13
Director, Purchasing & Material Management DOC CM13
Director, Risk Management/ADA Coordinator DOC CM6
Director, North San Diego Small Business Development Center DOC --
Early Childhood Education Instructional Specialist DOC 19
Early Childhood Education Office Specialist DOC 20
Early Childhood Education Program Specialist DOC 20
Enrollment Systems Specialist DOC 30
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/President DOC 27
Executive Director, Fund Development & College Foundation DOC CM14
Facilities Assistant DOC 19
Facilities Manager DOC 33
Facility Maintenance Technician DOC 20
Faculty Technology Specialist DOC 24
Financial Aid Assistant * DOC 17
Financial Aid Clerk * DOC 10
Financial Aid/Scholarship Specialist DOC 19
Financial Aid Technician DOC 21
Fixed Asset & Administrative Services Specialist DOC 17
Gardener/Groundskeeper DOC 15
GEAR UP Project Coordinator DOC 27
GEAR UP Research & Accounting Specialist DOC 16
GEAR UP School Site Coordinator DOC 21
Graphic Artist DOC 16
Grounds Supervisor DOC 28
Health Education Promotion/Nurse Associate DOC 28
Health Services Assistant DOC 19
Health Services Coordinator DOC 35
Heating/Ventilation/AC/Refrigeration (HVACR) Mechanic DOC 23
Help Desk Specialist DOC 26
Human Resources Technician DOC 20
Information Technology Analyst - Financials & HR DOC 30
Institutional Effectiveness Specialist DOC 24
Instructional Aide DOC 09
Instructional Assistant I DOC 12
Instructional Assistant II DOC 17
Instructional Assistant II - Music Department Audio Technician DOC 17
Instructional Associate DOC 25
Instructional Division Secretary DOC 20
Instructional Technology Specialist DOC 27
Irrigation Specialist DOC 17
Lead Building Maintenance Mechanic DOC 26
Lead Custodian DOC 19
Lead Financial Aid Technician DOC 27
Lead Groundskeeper DOC 20
Library Clerk - Public Services (SEC) DOC 9
Library Technician III, Public Services DOC 27
Library Technician II, Technical Services DOC 24
Library Technician II, Public Services DOC 23
Library Technician I, Technical Services DOC 17
Library Technician I, Public Services DOC 18
Mail Carrier DOC 10
Material Management Specialist DOC 18
Media Services Aide DOC 12
Media Services Specialist DOC 23
Media Services Technical Specialist DOC 23
Network Specialist DOC 31
Noncredit Student & Faculty Support Assistant DOC 19
Noncredit Support Supervisor DOC 25
Nursing Associate DOC 25
Operations Supervisor, North San Diego Small Business Development Center DOC 20
Orientation Leader* 16
Payroll Supervisor DOC 27
Payroll Technician DOC 21
Performing Arts Technical Specialist DOC 21
Printing & Copy Services Specialist DOC 16
Program Aide* DOC 08
Program Aide - Testing Services DOC 08
Programmer/Analyst DOC 37
Programmer/Analyst, PeopleSoft DOC 37
Purchasing & Material Management Assistant I DOC 15
Quick Copy Operator I * DOC 07
Quick Copy Operator II * DOC 10
Receptionist/Switchboard Operator DOC 13
Refuse Abatement Worker DOC 07
Registration Aide 1*  
Registration Aide 2*  
Registration Aide 3*  
Research Analyst DOC 27
Retention Services Secretary DOC 21
Retention Services Specialist DOC 23
Secretary Clerk I, Counseling DOC 08
Secretary Clerk II, Service Learning DOC 12
Secretary Clerk III, Counseling DOC 15
Secretary I, Admissions & Records DOC 17
Secretary I, Career Studies & Services DOC 17
Secretary I, Counseling & Athletics DOC 17
Secretary II, Testing DOC 19
Secretary II, Counseling DOC 19
Secretary II, DSPS DOC 19
Secretary II, Institute for International Perspectives DOC 19
Secretary II, MiraCosta College Fund Development and College Foundation Office DOC 19
Secretary II, Public Information Office DOC 19
Secretary II, Student Activities DOC 19
Senior Business Consultant, SBDC DOC --
Senior Programmer/Analyst DOC 41
Special Programs Coordinator: Community & Work Skill Programs DOC 27
Special Programs Coordinator: Drivers Education & English Language Institute DOC 27
Student Accounts/Admissions Assistant DOC 20
Student Center Manager/Club & Organization Advocate 26
Student Employment Specialist DOC 22
Student Help Desk Aide DOC 09
Student Services Coordinator - DSPS DOC 26
Student Services Coordinator - EOPS 26
Student Services Coordinator - IIP DOC 26
Student Services Coordinator - Intramurals/Athletic Director DOC 32
Student Services Coordinator - Media Advisor DOC 26
Student Services Coordinator - Service Learning DOC 26
Student Services Coordinator - Veterans DOC 26
Student Services Coordinator, Activities DOC 29
Student Services Specialist DOC 21
Systems Administrator DOC 34
Systems and Procedures Analyst, Instructional Services DOC 25
Systems and Procedures Analyst, Student Administration Systems DOC 25
Technical Writer DOC 28
Test Proctor*  
Testing Services Specialist I DOC 19
Transfer Center Specialist DOC 21
Utility Worker - SEC DOC 17
Vehicle/Equipment Mechanic DOC 24
Veterans Assistant DOC 16
Veterans Technician DOC 23
Web Developer DOC 30
Wellness Center Coordinator DOC 27
Writing Center Specialist DOC 20

* indicates varying rates of pay or those not placed on classified salary schedule which are used for hourly (temporary assignments)