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Welcome to MiraCosta!

Let's Begin Your Higher Education Journey

Below you will find links to important information needed to apply and enroll for credit classes. Go ahead, click around, and get to know MiraCosta College a little better!

Why choose us?

MiraCosta is a diverse community college district known for our highly successful transfer rates, degrees, career planning, and skill building.


Total Enrollment

Each semester students of all backgrounds attend MiraCosta

425 +

International Students

Each semester students from all over the world attend MiraCosta

1500 +

Transfer to Universities

MiraCosta Alumnis transfer to universities around the United States


Faculty & Staff Members

Everyone at MiraCosta is here to support you and help make your future happen


Degree Programs

MiraCosta has a wide range of degree programs in 70+ fields of study


Certificate Programs

MiraCosta offers a wide range of career training to ready you for your future

65 +

Clubs & Organizations

Join one of the wide range of clubs students start each year at MiraCosta


Athletic Teams

Get your school spirit on by cheering for one of your athletic teams

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