Meeting Agendas & Minutes

You may present an agenda item before the Academic Senate or request that your representative (or any representative) do it for you. If you wish to present an item yourself, submit an agenda item request form to the Academic Senate Administrative Secretary, Debby Adler If you wish your representative to present the agenda item, you may ask your representative to submit the form or, at least, discuss it with your representative before submitting the form to the Academic Senate Administrative Secretary. The deadline for submission of the agenda item request form and backup materials is six (6) working days prior to the AS meeting identified by the requestor.  The agenda item request form is available as a printable PDF form below.

Regular Academic Senate Meetings

1st and 3rd Fridays - 9:00am in Room OC1202 (unless date/time/room is otherwise noted)

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016